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    This is the place where I try to post the daily activities at the Stables. We have many faithful followers that appreciate little updates on how the horses are doing and what we are up to. Sometimes we are too busy to post daily reports, but I post as much as I can.

    4/21/2004 - Those of you that follow here understand that I have limited space on each page to post news, so it looks like I'm going to have to try and organize things here so you can find all of the news from the Stables. For the earliest news go to The First News , for the news up to March 5th, 2004 , for the news up to April 20th, 2004 , and here for the news up to June 14th, 2004 .

    2/20/2004 - WOW! WOW!! We hit 10,000 hits today!! I just put the counter on here a year ago!
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     6/14/2004 Busy weekend! But a great one. All of last years babes were played with and haltered. Kruzer is such a gentleman, and of course Seleena is always checking things out. She is a true pet. Rhumba and Anikan Ambassador are on stream now to be trained Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays. All the rest are in training Monday through Friday. Barb and Jakie are thrilled to be working with these youngsters.
Reidun has been doing a super job with the 2 and 3 year olds. She now has 5 more to bring on stream! Foxy and Fool's Gold commence their training this week. Kasha has also come back in for training. Doc, Bill, Felicity, Pharrah and Warrior will be ridden this week. Amanda, our trainer, has her work cut out for her. We are so thrilled to have her. She brought her horse, Ben, to the stable last night. What a looker. He's a National Show horse, and man is he muscled up. She put him and Major into the arena last night and they buddyed up like old pro's. I was so proud of Major. They will be at pasture together so Ben has a friend.
The showcase at Rare Breeds Canada in Red Deer was a success. Both Gypsy Rose (and her babe, Jiggers) and Winchester were the stars of the show. EVERYONE had to see Gypsy's babe. She was perfect! As of course was Winny. He had his head stuck through the bars most of the time looking for pets and grass! I'll post some pics hopefully before I leave.
Well, the time has flown, should be leaving here on Wednesday for France and Germany. Lots happening in Germany right now, can't wait to get there and follow up on all the activity that Dagmar and Karen have planned. Should be some real exciting times this next year. Hopefully Windy Sue will be in Germany when I get there. Sassy and Tony are getting impatient in there stalls. I'm sure they will run and roll for hours when we finally get to Bordeaux, France. We turn the horses out into a round pen every day for a few hours, but it is no the same as being able to run free. The thoroughbred that is going to England will really be happy to be free again. She has taken her confinement very well, considering that she was competing the weekend before she arrived her. Her owner is so excited that she was able to take her horse to England with her. another success story!!
Sergeant's new owner is SUPER thrilled. She will be coming to the stables for continued training and is aiming to do barrel racing with Serge. Look out world in 2 years when they are ready. With Serge's huge stride they will be real contenders!
     6/11/2004 Duchess had her baby! An absolutely gorgeous BIG filly. She is going to be one tall, substantial girl. And a real know out, crowd pleaser. No, sorry, she is not from Curly parents, can you imagine if she was!

Our new trainer is coming today for orientation! She is practicing ALL Natural Horsemanship techniques and has attended numerous clinics and seminars for the past 8 years!! We are all excited.
Sergeant is sold!! Jessica has purchased him and she is one very, very happy girl. We are going to continue working with him an her in their training. Will be a fun summer for those two. They get along super, and Jess loves Sergants easy going attitude. Her mom is always commenting on what a gentle boy he is.
     6/9/2004 SS Sunnybrook's Windy Sue is sold! She is the filly I had in Austria and Dagmar has sold her to Anja in Germany! Hopefully Katharina and Jockel will be transporting her next week so she will be in Germany when I go there.
This weekend we will be doing a demonstration for Rare Breeds Canada!! They invited us to their exposition and we are thrilled to be assisting them and showing off our beloved Curlys!
We have cancelled the first August camp. It was very heartbreaking to do this when I made all of the phone calls to the people that were registered. We had one family registered from Calgary and they were so excited that their children could finally attend a horse camp for their allergies. We will arrange a weekend for them to come out and at least do some riding and get to meet our horses. Edmonton Northlands extended our demonstration there and we could not say no as we really want to keep this exposure and opportunity to showcase the horses. There are 50,000 people that attend this exhibition!
SS Shawnee Dreamweaver is now registered with the ABC! She is our warmblood mare out of Trojan and is one of our best sport horse prospects. Tons of bone and excellent personality.
All of the boys we have in training right now are doing super. We will have about 20 trained horses by the end of the summer!! Some wonderful prospects here for trail riding or competition.
     6/8/2004 Wow, we have contacted a trainer on the Canadian Equestrian Team and she is excited to come and train for us! She is going to Italy next month for a competition and wants to bring her horse with her so she can keep him in shape while she is here. This is very exciting news!!
Snowden, Toiya and Chinook will be having their federal exams this week. Sent off hair samples for Traveller yesterday. Also have a lady from Minnesota very interested in Beauty Girl. Not sure we want to part with her, but it sounds like such a perfect home for her. We will of course not let her go if she going to have a Prince babe this year!
     6/7/2004 Reidun, Ida and I headed up to Athabasca for the weekend. Couple of pictures on our 2004 Pics page. It was a super weekend. And thanks to Tracy, Jordy and Megan for their great hospitality. It was fantastic to see all the boys again. Everyone is looking very spiffy. We, of course, stopped at Dairy Queen twice for Reidun!
Had some visitors from Airdrie to the stables yesterday for an allergy test. They were, as usual, amazed that they did not react to the horses. They fell in love with Fool's Gold and Foxy. We toured the whole farm looking at all the new babies and then had a great visit.
Luke IS COMING!!! Bernard called me on Friday and everyone is so excited!! We will be going to the mountains for 2 or 3 days! Hurray!!
     6/4/2004 Had some requests for a picture of Sunny's babe. Here she is

     6/3/2004 Have three new people coming and riding now! Plus the regular 20 students for lessons. Busy times! Only have a couple of spots left now for camps. I'm getting around with a crutch, guess it did not really slow me down! Palladin will be ridden steady here in the next couple of weeks. He will LOVE the attention. Interest in alot of the horses right now, is going to be a busy summer!
     6/2/2004 I suppose somebody is trying to tell me I have to slow down! Sprained my ankle yesterday. Thank goodness Reidun and Eda are here. We had the farrier out to pull Sheba's shoes, shoe Charmer & Daisy and trim Little Marky and Tony. I was holding Tony and I stepped backwards into a hole and down I went! Sot it's hobbling and crutches now.
Luke may be coming out from Quebec to head out on the mountain trip. This will be a real eye opener for him to see the Rockies! Hope he comes.
Stephanie rode Buffy last night and totally fell in love! Robyn rode Daisy on Monday and I think these two could be a super pair. Reidun did awesome on Charmer and Eda had her very first riding lesson on Beauty Girl. We're hoping to get out to a couple of shows this year so the kids can have some fun!
I rode old Major bareback Monday and the kids were suprised that the old boy could canter! How can a 25 year old horse look better every year?? His eye is clearer this year, he is much more limber, maybe he has another 25 years in him?!
Misty also foaled. An interesting colour baby, it is brown but has white in it's tail. And of course - It Is Curly! - from Prince!!
     5/31/2004 We got rain! Horray!! About 2 inches over the weekend. Need more, but we will take what we can get. Have received updates on Spar, Mirosah, Tulsa, Commance, Prospector and Austin. Everybody is doing super and looking great!
Couple of pictures of Reidun and Felicity on the 2004 Pics page.
Federal vet was here this morning and took all of the blood samples from the Europian horses.
Now have Red, Wyatt, Colt 45, Marshall Dilon, Drifter, Warrior, Bill and Diego in training. Did alot of ground driving on the weekend and everyone went super!! Had an inquiry from a new trainer today, so maybe we will be able to get the other 10 horses on stream also!
Three more new babies this weekend. Marky, Niva and Amarillo Sunset foaled. I think I have eveerybodies pictures on the New Foals Page .
Quiet a testament to Chamring Princes' super strong Curly gene as he gave us a curly babe from Marky. Marky is a recessive MFTHBA registered mare, and should not have thrown a Curly. But she did!!
     5/28/2004 Pictures of our Danish visitors!
     5/26/2004 Some new pictures - here!
     5/25/2004 Reidun is here!! She and her friend Eda arrived at 5 AM! How is it that people that hate flying have the worst luck?? Their plane had technical trouble coming into Calgary, the flaps weren't working and they had to circle the airport for over an hour while the airport was evacuated!! Needless to say her nerves are a little shot and she definitely does not want to fly home now!! But even after travelling for almost 48 hours she still had to go out and see Felicity as soon as she arrived.
   Had a nice little trail ride yesterday on Daisy, Robin rode Spirit (her best friend!) and Sam rode Traveller. I also rode Annie yesterday. Wow, I was very impressed with how much she remembered.
   Black Beauty had a beautiful black baby with a perfect blaze on Friday and Sugar foaled a cute sorrel colt on Wednesday! Misty looks like she is going to have triplets! She is sooo huge.
   Actually had a day off on Sunday. Peter, Marco, Swen and I went to Calgary and had a super day! Went to Heritage Park and took in all the history and even took a ride on a steam engine train. Had some old fashioned candy and ice cream, fresh cheese buns and stopped for supper on the way home. Was good to get out and just have some fun with some great friends.
   Received a phone call from Rare Breeds Canada! They would like us to display the Curlies at Sunnybrook Farms (!) for their Heritage Days! Will definitely be taking Gypsy and her baby to this, plus possibly Winchester!
   Jessica has been coming and taking lessons for about 2 months now and she has fallen in love with Sergant. She actually saw him on the website before she even came for her first lesson and has talked about nobody but him since. She brought her dad with her yesterday and there was some discussion of them purchasing him!
   This Thursday we have the 50 students arriving from Denmark!! Will be busy all this week making the stables look spiffy!
     5/19/2004 Spirit is really catching on to the jumping! He is actually jumping now. Poor Traveller will never change. He is way to laid back to jump. He just plods along and trots over everything. Gypsy, Wyatt and Sergant were trained again last night. For some reason Wyatt has decided he has never lifted a foot in his life, so spent an hour with him and he finally "remembered"! Gypsy is a super girl. Even with her Babe cantering all around her and "bouncing" everywhere! Poor old Jessie got kicked yesterday. She is very, very sore. She tore the whole muscle at the front of her elbow. Vet says it may heal, but will take a long, long time. Received an email from Karen in Germany. It is hilarious!! She now has Austin AND Prospector playing ball. She had an awesome experience with Austin basically round penning him in the field. He was trotting beside her, stopping with her, and BUCKING with her!! Even Marian had Prospector running with him!! Have to see that to believe it! Three cheers to you guys. Dagmar needs us to send her good thoughts this week on a new job she is applying for. Still haven't got a confirmation for getting Pal's semen frozen. VERY frustrating. Every one keeps referring me to someone else. I was hoping to have it done this weekend.
     5/17/2004 I would like to take a moment to share an email I received - "You may remember me as the girl who came with my parents who were visiting from Manitoba to see your hypo-allergenic horses. I believe it was the summer of 2002, and my dad's health was already failing then, but believe me, it was something he often talked about after! I can't tell you how much your time meant to us all, I think it gave my dad quite a lift! Unfortunately, my dad will never live out his dream of me bringing back a horse to Manitoba. He passed away last Friday, and his funeral was last Wednesday. The time you took to visit with us was invaluable as well, and so encouraging to see that there are good people out there who still find time to care even if they don't have to :) Well I don't have the love of horses quite like my dad, but you never know, if I ever do own a horse, it will likely be a curly! Because my dad was so special to me, I want the world to stop and pause if only for one minute to remember him! Of course, that can't happen, but I thought I could ask of you to remember him one more time and send a little prayer :)"
   Tanya's picture is on the site under testimonials, and I do remember her well. Her whole family came to visit and were so excited to see the Curlies. Our prayers are with you Tanya, and thankyou for taking the time to write.
   Pretty much all of our trained Curlies were ridden this weekend. Charmer, Spirit, Traveller, Gypsy, Sukie and PALLADIN! Finally made some new video.
   Peter brought Sheba in from British Columbia, the federal vet was here this morning and they are all quarantined now. Sheba is a beautiful thoroughbred whom her owner fell in love with and could not leave behind when they move to England.
   Gold Rush foaled!! A beautiful sorrel foal. She is one proud mamma! And Sunny also foaled a very cute and SMALL sorrel baby.
   Here's some pictures of Gold Rush's babe, Curly Sarah's babe, AND PALLADIN! 2004 Pics . and below is me on my buddy, Pal!

     5/14/2004 Never rains but it poors! Tons of inquires right now. If I do not answere you, PLEASE send me a reminder, I am so busy right now I do not want anyone to think that I have forgotten them, plus every once in awhile my answereing machine deletes messages! So please, please ask if you have not heard from me.
   The third horse for my shipment to LUX cancelled and had to find another. Horses are going into quarantine this weekend so it was a panic! Found the third, have to go to British Columbia this weekend to pick her up, will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning!! Much excitement here lately.
   The foal that was born with no momma had lethal white syndrome, maybe this is why it's momma did not claim him? Only the horses know the answere to this question.
   Pleasant trail ride last night after lessons. I rode Beauty Girl - LOVE this horse. Oakley and Skookum went also. You should have seen Spirit JUMPING! on Tuesday. And Charmer! They were awesome. Buffy was not so awesome, she dumped her rider.
   Only a couple of spots left in the first and last camps, so if you are planning on coming, PLEASE get your enteries in (not to worry Tracy, I have you entereed!).
   Trying to find a place to take Pal to have his semen frozen so I can take some to Europe for Nancy. This had not been as easy as I expected. There is only one place I found in all of Alberta that does this.
   Reidun is trying to get her ticket booked TODAY for her and her friend to come!
     5/10/2004 Annie was ridden on Saturday! This is Oakley and Buffy's mom and she has not been ridden for 5 years! She never missed a single beat. Stephanie was amazed at how well she stepped out and showed so much impulsion in the trot.
   Anika foaled a beautiful black filly. Wyatt was ridden, Warrior worked, vacinated the horses for France. Purchased a new lesson horse, Jamie, almost 16hh and quiet as a baby. Major and Pall were not real sure that he should be in with the crowd!
   Trying to find someone to freeze semen for Nancy, and finding out it's harder than I thought. Seems nobody does it or knows who does it! I'll keep digging.
   Karen Zieler in Austria is having the vet out this weekend to check Windy Sue and see if she is able to travel to Germany, keeping our fingers crossed!
   And finally one more update from Marie-Claude in Quebec! - " --- just to let you know that our lives are really changing, we may retire in less than three years because of the horses and all the life around horses. We work only for the weekend, it seems that something big has happened to us."
   Yes Marie-Claude, something huge has happened to you, as does most people that let horses into their lives. I quote part of my response "If only more people in this world could open up their hearts and let a horse in they also could see how a horse can change their life. Strange how a horse can make us see things that we want to see, but do not see. They have a way of communicating with us that we can not do with people who speak to us!"
   5/07/2004 My, has it been three days since an update. Too much happening! Charmer, Lucky, Spirit, Oakley, Traveller and half dozen straight haired horses are full time lesson horses now! Lots of new students.
   Sad news from Nancy and Jens, Babe is open! This is horrible news. Jens is especially sad as the baby was to be his.
   Sassy and San Antonio Stroll will be going into quarantine just in time for Reidun's arrival! Sophie is very excited that the time is drawing nearer!!
   We have a couple of new trainers now. Stephanie and Rachelle. Gary has left the stables, we wish him luck!
   Windy Sue in Austria is going for a vet check next week to see if she can travle up to Dagmar's in Germany.
   I may have to post news on Mondays only, as I am too busy teaching, working and training horses!!
   5/04/2004 Spirit had his intro to jumping on Saturday. Robin had so much fun she wanted to join in the lesson last night. And Spirit actually jumped! Traveller also joined in last night, but I'm afraid he is just too laid back to ever really get into it. He was a super boy, as usual, but he just is not jumper material!
   And once again I have to share some of Karen's enthusiasm "Both of us had lessons last night, Jana agreed BOTH horses are one in a million - ONLY Curlies and ONLY your horses would be so good to us, considering Marian and I are charging about the countryside and can't really ride "worth spit". Jana said "Any other horses and you'd probably have had a serious accident by now or had already sold the horses." She is SO impressed by them both, and said considering we have NO CLUE about horses, we hit the jackpot and you are a GOOD salesman for making the matches so perfect. She said you could have passed ANYTHING off on us, and you gave us GOLD.
   Right as she said this, two HUGE jumpers were turned out into a pen right next to our lesson arena, and they were NUTS, jumping, bucking and squealing. Jana was afraid our horses would jump around too. Austin was asleep (I was off adjusting the stirrups) and that Prospector was busy trying to convince Marian that using the whole arena at a walk was better than trotting on the circle - neither even LOOKED at the other horses, who were basically 5 feet away and REALLY loud. Jana said most other horses would've run us into the ground when those jumpers started going nuts in the pen right next to us."
   Thankyou Karen for your kind words! Nothing makes me happier than to hear stories like yours!
   And also an update from Marie Claude - "We had a hard but wonderful Saturday. We arrived at Luke's Ranch at 9.30 and we left at 5.00PM. We had a lesson in the morning on how to work our horse on the ground and Luke was impress of Tulsa and Commanche's response. They were really good in the round pen. It was a fabulous spectacle for us to see Luke working or I can say playing with our horses, really fascinatin and interesting. Next Friday, we will work our horses with Luke. It is really something.
   During the afternoon, we had a lesson in the "Manege": we had to work in a large circle (like cutting the manege in two parts)and in a small circle, we had to walk, trot, back, stop etc. We are getting a lot better at the trot and I really enjoy it.
   We are really getting "adicted" to our horse, they are so obediant, so calm, so everything!!"
   Thankyou Marie Claude!! Wish I was going on your ride this weekend!
   5/03/2004 Fantastic Open House - The best weather possible and lots of interest. See the page Open House! . And another thank you here to Peter and Tracy for all of you help!
     What a busy weekend. Robin, Tracy, Megan and her friends helped groom and bathe 7 horses Friday night. Saturday was a full day with people still here at 7 PM! Sunday was another trail ride with Robin (on Spirit), Peter (on Skookum) and a friend of his (on Star) and I (on Daisy). Robin is totally in love with Spirit. If they had anywhere to keep him, he would be gone! Checked our water supply and our beaver pond is completely dry! Had a new foal born, but a very strange thing happened. Nobody is claiming it! Never seen this before. The poor little orphan is at Robins house being bottle fed. Jessica came by to practice her barrel racing and really wanted to ride Sergant. So she did and she loves him. I rode Pal while she was practicing. Boy, did that feel good. Peter took some pics, but they did not turn out!
     Here's a pic of Whoopi after her grooming!

     And some exciting news! Reidun and possible a friend of hers will be coming THIS MONTH!! Hurray! Can't wait to see you again Reidun!
     I received a phone call from the mother of one of my students from last year. Her daughter had been taking jumping lessons for a couple of years and had a scare. She had been pushed very hard in other lessons and lost some confidence. I worked with her over the summer and she was doing super by the end of the year. Her mother called me to tell me that she had ridden at another stable during the winter and she had entered a jumping show AND she won First place!! I was so happy for her!! The real nice thing was over and over her mom kept telling that I deserved all the credit for her accomplishments, but I told her it was only becasue her daughter listened that she improved so much. This little girl is all heart and puts the interests of any horse that she is riding first. I thrilled to know that she coming back to ride this month.
     4/30/2004 Surprise, Surprise! Peter called me at work yesterday and says "There's a new pinto baby foal in with the lesson horses!" I told him that's not possible! Who is it?! He does not know the horses all by name yet (wonder why with 80 of them!) and he's trying to describe the mom to me. When I get home, find out it's Gypsy Rose! So although we are disappointed he is not a gaited baby, we could not be happier with his markings! Gypsy obviously caught when the stud jumped the fence in BC just before she arrived here last spring.

     Nancy sent this beautiful picture of her on Babe. She says it does not look like she is going to foal too soon. The other picture is Nancy's friend riding the Haflinger of Nancy's grandfather. They do alot of riding through the forest in Germany. Both Nancy and Jens are very excited to see the new baby!

Received some super pictures from Karen of Austin. This time he is clean!! They are posted on Karen's Page! . Had a super bunch of lessons last night. Charmer was ridden by Rachael and she did excellent on him. Sam rode Oakley and did very well and Robyn did super on Spirit. The other 6 riders had a blast doing the bending poles. Tracy arrives tonight with the three girls to help get ready for Open House tomorrow!
Here is the "clean" picture of Austin!

     4/28/2004 Busy getting ready for the Open House! To see some excellent pictures from Karen go to Karen's Page! .
     4/27/2004 Our first baby!! And look at him!! Exactly what we hoped for! Sometimes you get Lucky, and we got Lucky from Lucky touch!! Hoorah!! A beautiful, gaited, pinto, Curly boy!

     4/27/2004 Received an email from Susan on Mirosah - "She has been a dream for me, coming when called, standing to be groomed and tacked up in the middle of the riding ring. She's been a pet. She's also learning that I mean stop when I signal stop, no matter how much I may be unbalanced or sounding panicked. Such are the delights of owning one's own pony :) We play out in the ring and she free jumps with gusto. I cannot wait to be able to see her everyday. Thanks again for making my dreams come true!"
     And here is an awesome one from Karen about Marian's ride on Prospector- "he stopped after something went well, and he leaned down and threw his arms around Prospector's neck and said to the insturctor "This is MY horse!". His joy just overwhelmed him and he stopped and hugged his horse It was beautiful!" Wow Karen, thankyou. Karen also reports that she now has Austin fetching a ball for her. She promises to send pictures!
     4/26/2004 Super weekend, got lots done and even had a trail ride! Pictured here are Sam on Sunny, her sister on Traveller, Robin on Spirit, Peter on Skookum, Marco on Jessie and not in the picture was me riding trusty old Major. He's 25 this year and true to his character he pranced the whole way for his ride of the spring. Not only is he 25, but I have owned him for all of those 25 years. I know him, trust him and love him more than anything! He's so dependable and predictable.

     Finally mounted the horse head that Dagmar found for me in Germany. It looks super beside the main entrance door to the arena. Looks like a sentinel guarding the stables! Yesterday we had to remount the huge entrance door to the arena, this door is 20' wide and 18' high! Peter and Marco assited with raising it and I got to climb the ladder to reset the rollers!

     This weekend is our Open House! Lots to do to get ready, we should have about 30 horses on display and lots of demo's going on and displays all about the horses. We have lots of interest do far so it should be a real fun filled day. Tracy and Megan are coming down from Athabasca again this year and Ron Gale may try to make up from the South. Hope to see you here!!
     And once again I must share a few words from Karen "We adore the horses, Marian LOVES Prospector, I can't wait to go see Austin every day, and the future looks better every day! Thankyou!"
     I received an email from Daphne, Marie-Claudes niece saying how much she enjoyed our visit. It was touching as she wrote to me in English! More emails from Marie-Claude on another fantastic weekend for them. It was windy on Saturday but they still went for a ride and had a super time.
     4/21/2004 I must have way too much to say lately!! Ran out of room AGAIN! For the news up to yesterday go to April 20th . I can see I'm going to have to come up with a system to organize all the news, especially with the year we have planned.
    Do you recognize this person? I didn't. The picture comes from Dagmar and I thought it was a trainer at the local stable. But - It is Bernard!! Wow, never recognized him at all. Super for you guys to really get into the Western theme.

     Both Sugar and Bill were saddled yesterday yesterday with no problems. He is hoping that his son, Cody, will be able to come uut for a week for the first few rides on a couple of the horses.
    Today is a melancholy day. So many times the pressures that life presents get us down, at least it does me. The bills to pay to keep this place running can sometimes be overwhelming. I have my full time job that I start at 7:30 in the morning, then busy doing lessons, updating the computer, emails, registrations, the list goes on, usually until 10 most nights. Sometimes I loose track of why I am doing it. The main reason is of course my love for horses. But this transfers over to my love to make people happy. I am happiest teaching people about horses. When I am in the arena helping someone learn with their horse time stands still for me. When I receive emails from people that have bought horses from us I ask myself, what more could one ask for in this life than to change others lives and be part of enriching their lives. How does one stay focused on the important things in their life these days with the hectic pace that the world demands of us? How do we remember to stop and be thankful for all that we have, when it seems the world demands so much more. The answer is in your horse. I received an email from Karen in Germany, I won't reveal all she said, but the essence was the old saying "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man." I will quote some of my answer to her email - "I wish I could put in big flaming letters over the stables that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man. How is it that a living thing that cannot talk can reach into parts of us that many people cannot. I don't know. All I know is I see it time and time again and it really is what this world should be all about. Is it because we know the horse will never hold a grudge if we always act with his interests at heart, even if we fail. Is it because we know that they will always be there for us, no matter what happens? Is that because that is what we want in people, but find it so hard to find. How is it that every horse I have ever worked with always reflects the personality of the person working with it. Just how perspective are they." Everybody could learn something from a horse. About forgiveness, partnership, bonding, true friendship, unquestioning love and trust. Karen had once said that we are "Changing people's lives, one Curly at a time", but we don't do this, the horses do. I think people reach out to the Curlies attempting to enrich their lives. They hope that the horses will slow them down and make them appreciate life more. And they do. That is what is so special to me. Seeing people tell this old world that it is not going to consume them and they are going to take control.
    What prompted me to put these words here? The realization just how really lucky I am. The emails I receive daily. From Dagmar in Germany, man is she one happy, excited, supportive person since she received Kitty last year. From Tracy, she has become my second hand, always there when I need help, never questioning my decisions. From Clyde in Texas, he emailed this morning to inform that he lost Spar - to his wife!! From Karen in Germany, who has become my sounding board and feels like a sister to me. From Bernard & Mari-Claude who I am sure would quit their jobs now and go live in a cave if they could to be with their new horses. From Luke, who I suggested could come out in July to help, and he is more excited about this than I ever would have imagined. From Nancy, who took the time to translate all my pages into German for me. From Sophie in France, who emails and asks me to give her horses a hug. From Reidun in Norway, who is dying to get back here this year. And at the Stables of course Peter and Marco for all of their help in trying to rebuild the fences and clean up the yard. I know I have missed some people, but you would be reading the list through next year if I thanked everyone that has helped make Sunnybrook Stables what it is. THANKYOU!! to all that have been part of my life the last few years, you give me the encouragement to keep doing what I enjoy doing. As some of you know I am currently trying to sell the stables and relocate to a place where we can do trail riding right from our front door. My goal is to cut down on the overhead and be able to focus more on what I love, and not have to work so hard. We will still be Sunnybrook Stables, just in a better location and we will be by the river so every morning we can look out at God's creations and marvel in it's wonder. My dream is to build a few cabins along the river so people can come and stay with us and the horses and be able to relax and find some peace and quiet. So's here's hoping it all comes together.

This is Diamond pulling the sleigh down our driveway. She is 1/4 Curly and Belgian.


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