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    This is the place where I post the activities at the Stables. We have many faithful followers that appreciate little updates on how the horses are doing and what we are up to.

    10/22/2004 - Those of you that follow here understand that I have limited space on each page to post news, so here are the links for previous news. For the earliest news go to The First News , and here for the news up to March 5th, 2004 , here for the April news , here for the news to June and here for the current news up to October!, and here to February, 2005 .

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    4/18/2005 New pictures of Davina and our trail ride on the weekend. Traveller and Drifter are sold! Yesterday we dewormed the rest of the entire herd, today the farrier is out trimming everyone. Got some quotes on cabins that look awesome. More later!
    4/14/2005 Full night last night! Dewormed all the babes and gaited gang, plus the boys in training. Steph had a bunch of awesome rides. Did some canter work with Drifter, Bill, Dilon, Pride, Andee and brought Doc back on stream. Measured Bill, he's 15.1 hh! And Marky is 15hh with Trav coming in at 14.3hh. Robin rode Trav and I rode Marky bareback. Gary brought Annie, Wyatt, Oakley, Jazz, Seleena and little Spar (Fool's Gold) home. We will probably put Spar and Jazz right into training. Spar is looking Awesome!
    4/13/2005 Finally got caught up with the emails! Sent out a ton of replies last night. Looks like Jiggers may be heading south. Advised Tanja that Golden Girl may not work for her. Let Dawinah know which fillies could work for her. Apologized to Lori for a mix up I make with her deposit! (Oups!) Claudia emailed that she is thrilled with Jonagold and how super friendly he is. She also thanked us for 3 delivering what we promised, 3 quiet Curlies! A family is coming by on Sunday to look at Trav, Dilon, Wyatt, and Marky. Another contact in Germany is looking for two mares and a stallion. Karen says Prospector is on sick leave for his leg (wonder if he has figured out how not to work!). Hopefully our trailer will be ready tomorrow so we can bring the rest of the gang home this weekend.
    4/12/2005 I have not answered any emails since last Wednesday, so if you are waiting for a reply, I should have a moment tonight.
   Gary brought Cookie, Buffy, Traveller, Jim Beam, Bill and Star home. Friday Christine and her family arrived from Manitoba and rode Trav and Drifter. They want to wait to make a decision until they ride Dandee. I think Dandee could be perfect for them with their experience and goals. Two Tennessee Walkers arrived that Claudia purchased from Winfield. Saturday morning 6 year old Alex arrived at 9:30 for her first official riding lesson. She has been riding since 3 and did very well. Then Gary and I loaded up the two Walkers, SS Walcurly Johnny Walker Gold, SS Walcurly Safire and SS Pal's Amber Azela and headed out to Claudia's. We arrived there around 10:30 Saturday night, left about 11:30, stopped just North of Regina about midnight and up again at 8. Was a very short weekend.
   Stephanie was here again last night and we had an awesome evening. She rode Bill (who never forgot a thing) and Drifter (who she gave a break after all his cantering on Friday) while I started watering down the arena (it was so dusty in there!). Then we took Andee and Trav out for a trail ride and Gary rode his horse Copper. Was super. First time for Steph on Andee outside and she was amazed how steady he was, said she would take him anywhere after that ride. Trav was his normal self, crossing water, not flinching at the dogs running out. They were all steady as a rock. After that I rode Marky (settling very well into his rocking horse fox trot) and she rode Marshall Dilon (her absolute favorite) and we wound up the evening with a short ride on her "cow pony" (as she calls him her handy dandy) Pride.
   The parts are suppose to be here for our trailer today. Hopefully have it fixed for the weekend. We will bring the rest of the horses home and hopefully be able to haul six boys out to the Pembina Saturday for some trail rides! This Friday is my Open House at my work, so will be busy getting ready for that all week. Thursday Steph will come back out and Wednesday is my wind for square dancing. Another busy week. But I will try to answer all the phone calls and emails tonight.
    4/8/2005 No, I am not ignoring anyone. I know I have many people to send answers to. This weekend I should have time to get caught up again. Gary hauled one load of horses yesterday afternoon and broke the leaf spring of the trailer. So he is in the city now trying to get it fixed. Stephanie came by last night and rode Dilon (her favorite), Bill, Traveller and Drifter. Gary and I filled all the feeders again and I fixed the fence (spring is in the air, the horses are certain there is green grass on the other side!). Visitors tonight to look at the horses and two horses are arriving that are going with Jonagold, Safire and Amber to Saskatchewan!
   Here is the link for the story from last week Germany trip!.
    4/6/2005 Now we know what happens when you are the only person in the world with a dozen trained curlies. You get swamped with inquiries when everyone gets spring fever!!
   Just a few quick updates. The Russian Siberian Forest kitties arrived yesterday, only one week after their original scheduled date! Lots more on that story.
   Kristine and Sarah came for their first riding lesson last night, I was in Calgary picking up the kitties, so Gary gave them their orientation, along with mom!
   Interest in Jiggers and Beau for stallions! Yes! Would hate to see these guys gelded.
   Safire, Jonagold and Amber should be heading to Saskatchewan this weekend.
   Lori from Nova Scotia has a friend close to here that will be stopping in to look at the girls she is considering for her. Lori is also considering Jiggers (if not sold) or Beau.
   Winchester had his first ride outside on the weekend, uneventful. Gold Rush is now ready for intermediate riders. Might have time to get Kathy to do Nellie also!
   Have some people coming on Friday to look at Dandee, Drifter and Traveller. Had a call last night at 11 PM from Missouri looking for a trained older gaited horse. sorry! None available anywhere that I know of!
   Susanne reports that they rode Daisy in Germany. She also reported that Gypsy had a skin infection which we have no idea how it occurred. Kasha's front foot was splayed a bit so they are having that checked out.
   We will be moving horses the next couple of days so probably no more time for news until after the weekend again! Just way to much happening around the stables for this time of year.
   Introducing SS Pal's Native Davina!!

I will post the story on her name (from Dawinia in Germany) later.
    4/1/2005 Home again! Very successful trip. The horses all arrived after 26 hours of travelling! There was a 10 hour trip via van after leaving LUX. I will post the entire story in the next week. Super visit with Karen and Marian, Dagmar, Bernard and Anna and the Dipples. Met with Davina at Dagmars and she is very interested in purchasing a Curly. Tanja had been in contact with Dagmar are really wants Golden Girl. Talked with some people in New York and they desire a Curly for their daughter. Received some pictures from Brenda of the horses in their trail training. Daisy's papers arrived just in time to go with her. Susanne emailed advising that Gypsy has some weird thing happening with her skin, called myscosis, never heard of that one! Dagmar's mare Whitney had an inflammation under her belly the night we were to depart. Turned out the vet figures it is bronchitis?! Prospector was lame while I was there, they think he must have stepped on a rock. Had some trouble getting back on the plane in LUX, they did not show my ticket again so almost did not get on the plane!
   Our new baby girl is doing great. Possibly have some visitors coming this weekend to see the horses. Sunday is the square dancing wind up.
   Once again I have about 200 emails to sort through. I will start answering them tonight. So please be patient and you should hear from me before the end of the weekend!
    3/22/2005 Tomorrow is the big day! Of we go in the 747 to deliver the girls! Finally heard from the Federal Vet and everything is set to go. They will defini tely be glad to be set free. We have a MAJOR snow storm going through right now. Over a foot of new snow and it is drifting in everywhere. So glad we have the nice cozy barn for our new babe. Was out scratching her butt last night, she sure liked that! Momma is excellent, just wish I was going to be home to be with her, but at least she foaled before I leave.
   I have a pretty hectic schedule the next week. Leave work tomorrow at noon, load the horses around 5, unload in Calgary around 8, load onto the plane around 11, plane leaves at 1 AM, 9 hour flight, 2 hours to clear in LUX, then 7 hour ride to their new home! Susanne's old horse has not been feeling great, so I hope he is better by the time we arrive. Hate to see the old boy miss the new girls arrival! Spending one night with Karen and Marian with Prospector and Austin, one night with Dagmar, Bernard and Anna with Cjura and Whitney, and one night with Gabrielle who purchased Nakita. Two of the Russian Siberians will meet me at Dagmars and little Denny will be coming up and joining me at Gabrielle's.
   Finally got all my paper work together for Reidun in Norway and got it sent off. Sorry for the delay Reidun, but I did send Luc's stuff in once!
   Emailed some videos last night, hopefully everyone can open them and view them. They were pretty big files, but worth the wait if you can take the time. Was on the computer until midnight trying to get everyone up to date before I leave.
   Precious little Pansy arrived from Las Vegas this morning! She is very shy and timid so is going to take some time to settle her in, but she sure is a beauty. Almost like Chayana but a whiter face darker back.
   Vickie has fallen in love with Little Guy, one of the new horses. She's hoping to ride him in the mountains when we go on the May long weekend. Told her she has to get him (and her!) in shape if she wants to go. Jessica has started conditioning Montana for the big adventure.
   Gary found a gold claim in British Columbia that we are going to check out next month. It has access to thousands of miles of trail riding in the BC mountains and has a cabin on the property. Sounded pretty good for our mountain adventure packages.
   Jens has shown interest in coming from Germany and possibly building our outfitter cabins and fixing up the rooms in the basement for our boarders in the summer time.
   I posted the heights of the horses that we took on Saturday on the sale page for broke horses.
    3/21/2005 We have our first baby of 2005!!! Native Chautise gave us a very cute, very leggy filly last night. I've been checking her every day and night and last night she started to drop her tail so I put her in the barn. Gave her a nice bed of straw and although she was not happy to leave her buddies she was certainly happy to get out of that horrible wind. She can see other horses through her window so she was not over excited at all. Her little girl is a mousy brown colour with black highlights. Maybe she will be a buckskin of sorts. Can't get over how long her legs are, she is definitely going to be another sport horse! Chautise is out of Tango Selune the Selle Francais European Champion Stallion! (One of his last breedings!)
   Stephanie came Saturday and we did get some video done. But it was freezing cold! The wind was howling and it was just plain yucky!! Did some video on Andee, SS Marshall Dilon, SS Nevada Drifter and SS Western Pride under saddle and SS Sunnybrooks Colt 45, SS Sunnybrook's Diego, SS Doc Halladay, SS Nevada Warrior, Lady, Sugar, Red, and Palladin on the ground. Just got too darn cold to ride any more horses. I was very impressed with all the horses with that wind howling and the doors banging in the arena not one of them was even a little spooky. Was super. We got most of the horses measured and there were some surprises there. Doc is the tallest boy at 15.2. Taller than his mom and dad and still grwoing!! Dilon is 14.1, the smallest, but he is still going to grow some. He's the perfect size for a child as they won't outgrow him to quick. I'll post all the heights when I return from Europe. The pic below is Doc.

   We now have about a foot snow! After it all melted last week we are not happy! March did come in like a lamb (plus 10!) and out like a lion (-15).
   I may not have time before I leave to send everyone the information you have requested on the horses that you are interested in. Now with our new baby and the horses in quarantine I'm going to be pretty busy getting ready to leave. I promise I will catch up with everyone when I return on April 1st
    3/18/2005 Had a super night last night. Worked with Doc, Dilon, Andee, Marky, Drifter and groomed up Red and Pride. Measured everybody and did up a bunch of video. BUT the video did not turn out! Too dark in the arena and not one of them turned out. Spent 5 hours out there only to be disappointed. Hopefully it will be nice enough on Saturday to do some more.
   Had to bring old Major in for some TLC. The new horses will not let him or Charmer eat at the feeder, so Charmer is now in with the horses in training and Major is in the arena. No arguments from him!
   We received another 4 inches of snow yesterday! and the forecast is for snow all weekend. Thought spring was here!
    3/16/2005 Palladin is houdini! Had him inside the arena yesterday and when I got home from Warburg he had opened the main gate and decided he was getting in with the new horses. He broke 4 rails for that pasture and two into Princes. Everyone was getting along fine in the field so I decided to leave him there. Of course he couldn't have done this when the weather was nice. Last night the snow was blowing so hard and it was so cold. Where he broke the fence is on top of the hill, so you are totally exposed to the elements. When I finally finished had to go and look after Gypsy and Daisy as I had left them outside thinking it was going to be nice today. That was the happiest I had seen them to go inside! Gypsy almost ran into her stall and normally she hates going inside. Before all this happened I had to run to Warburg as Kristine had emailed that McCoy's hoof was chipped, so I went and trimmed up his feet. Just another day in paradise!!
   Stephanie is coming tomorrow night and again on the weekend, we will see what videos we can get done inside the arena. Was really hoping that we could do them outside, but that is not possible with the storm coming through. The colour and clarity is much better out in the sunshine, even the riders enjoy it more!!
   Two more new riders signed up for lessons! Going to be a real fun year!!
    3/15/2005 Still no word from the Federal Vets on the Coggins results for the 3 horses. Seems they have a glitch with their new electronic technology for communications. Only in the government!!
   I have answered all of the emails now, so if you are waiting to hear from me, please email again as you must have been lost in cyber space.
   Lady, Sugar, Nugget and Flashy Fenacia are pending now. Lori has spoken for these wonderful mares and fillies and is considering Cinder also. She will have everyone bred prior to heading out to the very extreme Eastern seaboard!
   We will start back in full swing for lessons after I return from Germany. Already have 4 new students!
   Have so many inquiries right now - Star, Bill, Marky, Drifter, Traveller, Jiggers, Doc and Pride!! Possibly some people coming this weekend. Also a number of people wanting to come and do allergy tests.
   We are going to set two dates to do one day orientations on basic horsemanship for beginner riders. One will probably be June 12th or 13th and the other in July.
   Also this weekend we must decide on our international exchange students, how many, where we will house them and who!
   Stephanie should be coming out this weekend and we will have a very FULL weekend. Looking to do up videos on Sugar, Lady, Colt 45, Doc Halladay, Andee, Red, Marky, Drifter, Warrior, Pride, Marshall Dilon, Nugget, Diego, Anikan Ambassador, Winchester, Charmer, Charming Prince and Palladin! Oh my, that's 18 horses!!
    3/11/2005 Wow, one does not realize how many friends you have untill you open your emails and see the wealth of condolances I have received for my grandmothers passing. Thankyou each and every one of you that has sent word. Many of you got to meet her and know her pioneer spirit and wonderful sense of humour. She will be greatly missed, I hope I can keep her spirit going.
   Started getting back to reality yesterday, waded through two weeks of mail. Funny how the bills don't stop when the rest of your world does!
   I answered about 25% of the emails last night. I am answering them in the order received, so if you sent more than one your replies are coming!!
   Federal vet came yesterday and took the blood samples for Daisy, Gypsy and Kasha. Results should be back Monday.
   Interest in Lady, Sugar and Nugget or Fenacia from Lori way out on the East Coast! She is looking to start a breeding operation there.
   We have visitors coming this year from Calgary, BC, Quebec, the States and Germany. Nancy advises she is going to try to come again. We also have interest from exchange students from India, Denmark and Ireland!
   This weekend we will be picking up our 5 new trail horses. They were Gary's brothers horses and are all related to each other. A nice family package!
    3/9/2005 Just returned home. My grandmother passed away on the weekend. Spent the entire week at her bedside in the hospital. Very sad, and very painful to watch someone you love so much wither away.
   It will take me awhile to catch up with everyone. Lots of phone messages and emails. Please be patient as I sort through everything. There were 300 emails in the main account, plus the other three accounts!
   Federal vet will be here tomorrow to take the blood samples for the horses.
    2/24/2005 Received word that my grandmother is in very poor health, I will be going to Ontario for next week.
    2/22/2005 Super weekend, went sledding Saturday, covered 120 km!. Went to Black Diamond on Sunday and checked on the horses pictures here , and yesterday we brought Marky and Nugget home and I worked on my Income Tax for 5 hours!!
   Remember the little girl that we sent the ribbons to? Well, here is the reply to her receipt of them, and it brought tears to my eyes -
       "You are definitely an angel sent from heaven! This couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. Thank you so much.
   My granddaughter has had a terrible cold this past week and as well as allergies, was diagnosed as Type I diabetic a year ago. Her temperature spiked and she had a seizure and of course was rushed to emergency. She is getting better, but is spending most of her time on the couch or in bed. Well the mailman today lit up her eyes when she saw those ribbons and the planning for the horse show is in full force again.
   She asked me to thank you….we’d put them up on the shelf and she asked for them time and time again…..and she says they are so beautiful.
   Thank you again, you are a very kind person."
   What a great way to start the week! You are more than welcome Sharon, it was just a little thing, but as often is the case, it the little things that make a big difference.
   Went to check on the boys Saturday. It took us 4 hours to get there and we came home a different way and took 5 hours to get home! Only had 1 1/2 hours to spend with Brenda when we finally got there. We are very pleased with her techniques and her patience with the horses. You'll see pics of her basically hanging upside down on the horses and taking them over the tarp and rubbing them with the tarp. Lady was packed for the first time while we were there and never missed a beat. Very nice area for her to ride in, with super hill for training and lots of bush.
    2/18/2005 The federal vet cleared the horses to enter quarantine!! Hooray!! Yesterday the horses were given their vaccinations and will go into quarantine this weekend. Daisy, Gypsy, Native Kasha and I will depart on March 23rd for Luxemborough and then up to Susanne and Horst's in Germany. Can't wait to meet everyone!
   Chayana arrived from California! She is gorgeous!!!
   Love Pall!!! Just love him. Thinking about taking him to the team cattle penning and I'm scared he'll act study and give me problems, but he has NEVER done so. Strange horse in the arena last night and not once did Pall show any aggression or interest. Totally attentive to me and anytime he started feeling his oats I reinforced my aids and he came right back to me. Do I dare take a five year old stallion out into the cowboy world to compete?? I think so, I feel I have complete control of him and he is just so darn responsive to my seat and leg aids that I believe I can control him no matter what. He's never been around cattle, so that could be an issue, we'll see if I feel brave enough when they have another penning session.
   Heading South this weekend to check on the boys in the mountains. Next weekend a fellow coming up from Calgary to see Little Marky and Tracy, Jordy and Meg are coming!
    2/15/2005 Here's the star of the show on the weekend - Walcurly Winchester!!
(remember, he's still two!!)
   This was the day of his first mounting!! He was sooo good. His foxtrot is the clearest I have ever seen. And extra steady for his first time under saddle. Level headed, never bucked or threw his head. He is just so sweet. The only time we saw any "study" behavior was when we led him right behind a mare and he started to nicker, we said no, and he just followed along. He's going places, our Whinny!!
   Chayana should arrive today from Washington!!
   I did up all the hair samples yesterday for Germany and the United States, so they should arrive next week.
   Anika was lame on the weekend, so we could not mount her. Looks like somebody kicked her in her rear cannon bone. Hope it heals fine.
   Contacted the Federal Veterinarian today to notify him that we have 3 horses entering quarantine this weekend.
   Sent a package of ribbons and a mug to a four year old girl with allergies that cannot own a horse. Her grandmother advised that the little one is organizing a horse show for the summer for all her friends and family (without horses of course!).
    2/14/2005 Happy Valentine's Day!!
   Didn't think it could get any better, but it did! Saturday the horses were great!! Stephanie rode everybody outside and we got some reallynice pictures of everyone. It was cloudy, so the contrast is pretty bad, but you can see them at New Pictures!
   Kathy rode Winchester last night!! She loves him and says we should definetly show him this year. His gait is perfect, just perfect. No pacing and steady. I could go on for the whole page about him, but he is just looking so awesome, and really he's still just two. What on earth is he going to be like when he is all filled out and matured???
   I rode Gold Rush last night. Wasn't pretty though!! She is so forward I could not get her to walk on a loose rein. She paces, which is not good, so we will have to work on that for sure. And dirty!! She rolled after Kathy rode her last time and she is totally brown!!
   Have interest in Marky from a fellow in Calgary and in Nugget from a lady in Germany. Lots of inquires again, Ambrosia, Martika, people looking for the sport horse curlies.
   I updated the sales page for trained horses. Let me know what you think of the new format. Took forever to do, so I hope it was worth the effort.
    2/11/2005 Wow, wow, wow!! All the horses were fantastic last night. Little Drifter was definitely the star of the show. He has totally settled in and is so friendly and laid back. I'm so proud of him. Then Diego last night, what a trouper. He is going to be the best family, kids horse. His attitude is exactly what we say our curlies are! I trimmed his and Drifters feet last night and both were perfect, just perfect. Stephanie keeps insisting that we have to get Red out as a hunter jumper. He's got such form and the most forward of all these guys right now. He's a natural!! We had a bunch of visitors at the arena last night, about 7 people, so there was lots of commotion and noise, plus the snow kept sounding like an avalanche as it slid off of the arena roof! And not one of the horses freaked! Stephanie was on Red and then Dilon when huge slides happened and she jumped way more than the horses!! It was a super night. Then I dove Anika again and she was perfect so we put some weight on the saddle, maybe this weekend we'll try mounting her.
    2/9/2005 Some more New Pictures!
   Sorry, still have not answered the emails, I will do some tonight.
   Last night every single horse was fantastic. They all settled in and went awesome. Pride was super, Gypsy quiet as a mouse, Red was flexing and even went over some cavelleti, Drifter was so steady, Dilon was trotting in hand in bridle just like a halter class winner, Dilon had a refresher lesson on driving and was excellent, and I drove Anika in the full arena and she was flawless.
   A neighbor stopped by and wants to bring his horse over tomorrow night to get him used to arena's. He's going to go team penning! Hmmm, let me see, who could I take!! Would be fun, do I have time, NO!
   Will probably bring Nellie in to get started this weekend. Also need to start Jazz, Fools Gold, Shawnee Dreamweaver, Cierra Martika and Chautise. Hey, that's not bad, only 5 horses to start out of 70!! Hooray for us!!
    2/8/2005 Somedays I hate technology. Transferred the pictures from the weekend to my 256 MB card and now it tells me the card needs to be formatted! No pictures!! Guess it's back to the drawing board!! Gotta love computers.
   Duane is on his way to pick up Chayana from California! She should be here for the weekend.
   Stephanie rode Marshal Dilon, Gypsy Rose, Red, Pride, Diego and lunged Anika last night. I then drove Anika. We are both amazed at how much of a natural she is. Really wants to figure out what you want. Can't wait to mount her.
   Took hair samples last night, just need to get them all labeled and then we can send them out. Gonna have to figure out another way to take the samples. Maybe just clip the coat or something. Too hard on the horses constantly pulling the mane for the complete samples.
   Prince has figured out how to open the door from the barn. And Winchester has figured out how to open the door into the barn. Prince does not like to stay inside eating his grain. He must figure that his girlfriend (Beauty Girl) is going to disappear or that Winchester will win her over! He frets the whole time he is in there. But he needs the extra calories!
   Little Cotton Candy is a sweetheart. She just stands there and lets you do anything to her. Figured we should deworm her last night before she leaves and she could care less. She is so dainty looking and refined.
   Once again I am behind in my emails. Have three new people that have just discovered the wonderful world of curlies and want to come for a visit!! I don't like to rush my answers on these inquiries and it takes time to reply, so please be patient!!
   There is a coaching clinic in Red Deer on March 6th that I would like to attend, the CCHA directors meeting on March 5th, hope to check on the boys in Black Diamond this weekend, possibly pick up the two kitties from Las Vegas the next and the weekend after that is the tack sale and hopefully Tracy and Jordy will be stopping by for a visit. No wonder I don't get my income tax done on time!!
   37 hours without a smoke!
    2/7/2005 Received some very nice drawings on Friday from Hilary and Amelia! Thankyou girls, they are wonderful. Glad to hear Patches and Skookum are doing well.
   Talked with Meg on the weekend. They are going to try to stop by on the 26th after the big tack sale in St. Albert.
   Sugar's Cotton Candy is sold!! Lady in Washington fell in love with her and so many coincidences. Same markings on her legs as her stud, she was looking for a sorrel hoping to get palominos from her stallion. Could work as Candy has flaxen in her mane.
   Walcurly Safire is also sold to Claudia!! You will really appreciate Safire's conformation when you see her Claudia! She should really cross well with your Peruvian Paso's!
   Was darn cold again on the weekend. -28 yesterday. I was suppose to get some hair samples for a number of people, but did not want to stress the horses. I took more pictures, and I'll try to remember to post some. It was just darn chilly. We had 7 inches (18 cm) of snow on the weekend.
   Have a tentative date for the horses to depart March 24th for Germany. I keep sending pictures to Susanne and for some reason she does not receive them from the main email address. Very strange. I have to send everything through my hotmail address, which is a big hassle!
   I have a couple of top quality turn out blankets to sell. We purchased 6 of them for the horses heading to the mountains and only required 4 in the end. They are super adjustable, and easy to adjust with just snaps (great for when your hands are cold!). See them on the tack page!
    2/4/2005 I told Daisy to be really bad the next month, not let me catch her, and make me mad. That way it won't be so hard to let her go! Looks like the three girls will be heading over the end of March. Gary is going to miss Gypsy as he started her and spent alot of time with her last spring. Kasha is really the one that should not be going. Just can't replace her and she is so tall and beautiful. Hopefully they will be good ambassadors for the breed in Germany, and who knows maybe one day we'll bring one of Kasha's babes back this way!
   I think I got all the emails answered last night. If I missed anyone please let me know. Have two more people now that wanted Amber Azela, good for you Claudia in your choice their. We will check with Megan if she is serious about our last palomino girl and if not she will obviously be sold!
   Claudia is thinking of adding Safire to her herd. That would be the perfect compliment to Jonagold. Wow, cross him with a MFT Prince baby of her colour and who knows what you would get for colour. You know you will get gait and conformation, the rest would be a bonus!
   Missed Gold Rush, Winchester, Jim Beam and Magic in our list of riding horses. That's 36 horses at various stages of training!! Hooray for us!!
   Tanja's husband had asthma after visiting with Dagmar and her horses. Maybe he will be the first that we could not find a horse for? We are going to send over some hair samples of the gaited lineage as the one he reacted the least to was Whoopi. Hopefully that will work for them.
   Have to do the hair samples for the lady from Illinois also this weekend. They will be coming up for a mountain trip either in June or September.
   Marie Claude reported that she has been having some trouble with her back, hope it does not keep her from doing their mountain trip in June!!!
   Getting some bookings for some summer camps already. Get your name in soon as we are only going to have three camps this year due to our increase in trail rides. Plus we will be doing a couple of clinics this year. Just not enough time in the summer!!
   Had a request from the International Exchange program for a girl to come from Denmark!!
   Have been corresponding with Ed, I think he is from New York, about the curlies and the ABC registry. He has been an avid ABC member for the past 8 years and is dismayed also with the closing of the registry. They breed gaited pinto curlies and he is looking for some new lines for his herd and ran into the same dilemma as I did two years ago. Just not enough good lines in the ABC pool to pull from. I really think they hurt themselves by closing that registry so early. Thank goodness we have the ICHO with it's vision for the future of the curly horse breed!
   Won't be anymore news now 'till Monday. It's snowing like crazy outside right now and suppose to loose our gorgeous weather this weekend. Going to be back to a HIGH of -19 by Sunday. Oh well, was good while it lasted.
   I know not all of you share my passion for the cat, but I found this awesome boy in Germany and hope to bring him home with me when I deliver the girls. Here's his pic, and he is a Russian Siberian, the hypo-allergenic breed I have been researching.

    2/3/2005 I hate it when I run out of room on a page. Wish I could just keep posting the news all on one page, but such is the wonderful world of computers. For the last page of news go here . The girls all had their vet checks yesterday and I was thrilled with the behaviour of every singel horse. Little Nakita did awesome. Poor girl though, the needle for the micro chip is HUGE!! After getting her total trust the last month we had to go and stick her with this monstrosity! I felt soooo sorry for her. She even stook stock still for the vet to clip her hair on her neck and swath her down and then Bang! we had to give her the needle. When she left the area we were working in she was in high gear! She ran so fast she lost her footing and wiped out. Poor Nakita.
   Okay Karen!!! Here you go, some new pics of the babies!
   I have 12 emails on my computer that I just did not have time to answere last night. It took forever to get my scanner working to copy the vet reports for Susanne and Gabrielle. I promise I will answere you shortly!!!
    2/2/2005 Our whole ranch is like a skating rink. Totally smooth ice and very slippery. Leading the horses is trickey. Nobody wants to cross the yard.
   Taking hair samples the other night I got bit! Stupid thing and all my fault. Went out in the pitch black dark to take hair samples. No lead rope. Holding by her halter with my left hand taking hair sample with right. She pulled away when I pulled her mane and another horse was standing right beside her. The other horse thought gypsy was going for her and bit at her and got my hand. Ouch!! Stupid thing to do. I iced it right away for an hour and it was okay. Just broke the skin, so not serious. Maybe one day I will learn.
    2/1/2005 Received an email from Daphe. She was wondering if we had enough trained horses for them when they come for the mountain trip. So I started listing off the horses that we have that are trained and I even surprised myself. I have to post the list here as it is quite impressive if I do say so myself.
   Annie, my old grey mare, Percheron/quarter horse, her daughters SS Annie's Oakley (gorgeous buckskin curly mare) and SS Annie's Buffalo Girl (full sister to Oakley but Bay). Cookie, Gary's black 6 year old Percheron/quarter horse mare. Charmer, a 9 year old bay Curly gelding (our main lesson boy). Sunnybrook's Wyatt, 4 year old grey curly gelding (definitely one of quietest ones). Kutennai's Wild Bill Hickock 5 year old Bay curly gelding with one blue eye (another typical curly personality). Curly Sarah, a 7 year old strawberry roan curly mare. Dandee, a speed demon pinto curly gelding. Palladin, my 6 year old palomino stallion. All of these guys are in the mountains as of Sunday in training: Andee (gorgeous black 7 year old curly gelding), Lady (8 year old buckskin curly mare), Sugar (palomino curly mare), Colt 45 (3 year old black bay curly gelding), Doc Halladay (3 year old buckskin curly gelding) and Nevada Warrior (4 year old Bay curly gelding). And they boys that just got back into training at home are: Diego (3 year old sorrel curly gelding), Red (5 year old red curly gelding, extreme), Marshall Dilon (3 year old deep chestnut curly gelding), Nevada Drifter (4 year old smaller bay curly gelding) and Western Pride (4 year old Dun straight hair curly gelding). Then we have Our Missouri Fox Trotter lines: Misty (grey 4 year old), Gold Rush (palomino 4 year old and curly), Marky (sorrel 4 year old), Traveller (black 4 year old and curly) and Star (8 year old sorrel mare). 5 from Gary's brother that are not curly and of course old Major and Beauty Girl and Prince who will spend the rest of their lives at the stables.

This is Diamond pulling the sleigh down our driveway. She is 1/4 Curly and Belgian.


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