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    This is the place where I post the activities at the Stables. We have many faithful followers that appreciate little updates on how the horses are doing and what we are up to.

    10/22/2004 - Those of you that follow here understand that I have limited space on each page to post news, so here are the links for previous news. For the earliest news go to The First News , and here for the news up to March 5th, 2004 , here for the April news , here for the news to June and here for the current news up to October!.

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    2/2/2005 Our whole ranch is like a skating rink. Totally smooth ice and very slippery. Leading the horses is trickey. Nobody wants to cross the yard.
   Taking hair samples the other night I got bit! Stupid thing and all my fault. Went out in the pitch black dark to take hair samples. No lead rope. Holding by her halter with my left hand taking hair sample with right. She pulled away when I pulled her mane and another horse was standing right beside her. The other horse thought gypsy was going for her and bit at her and got my hand. Ouch!! Stupid thing to do. I iced it right away for an hour and it was okay. Just broke the skin, so not serious. Maybe one day I will learn.
    2/1/2005 Received an email from Daphe. She was wondering if we had enough trained horses for them when they come for the mountain trip. So I started listing off the horses that we have that are trained and I even surprised myself. I have to post the list here as it is quite impressive if I do say so myself.
   Annie, my old grey mare, Percheron/quarter horse, her daughters SS Annie's Oakley (gorgeous buckskin curly mare) and SS Annie's Buffalo Girl (full sister to Oakley but Bay). Cookie, Gary's black 6 year old Percheron/quarter horse mare. Charmer, a 9 year old bay Curly gelding (our main lesson boy). Sunnybrook's Wyatt, 4 year old grey curly gelding (definitely one of quietest ones). Kutennai's Wild Bill Hickock 5 year old Bay curly gelding with one blue eye (another typical curly personality). Curly Sarah, a 7 year old strawberry roan curly mare. Dandee, a speed demon pinto curly gelding. Palladin, my 6 year old palomino stallion. All of these guys are in the mountains as of Sunday in training: Andee (gorgeous black 7 year old curly gelding), Lady (8 year old buckskin curly mare), Sugar (palomino curly mare), Colt 45 (3 year old black bay curly gelding), Doc Halladay (3 year old buckskin curly gelding) and Nevada Warrior (4 year old Bay curly gelding). And they boys that just got back into training at home are: Diego (3 year old sorrel curly gelding), Red (5 year old red curly gelding, extreme), Marshall Dilon (3 year old deep chestnut curly gelding), Nevada Drifter (4 year old smaller bay curly gelding) and Western Pride (4 year old Dun straight hair curly gelding). Then we have Our Missouri Fox Trotter lines: Misty (grey 4 year old), Gold Rush (palomino 4 year old and curly), Marky (sorrel 4 year old), Traveller (black 4 year old and curly) and Star (8 year old sorrel mare). 5 from Gary's brother that are not curly and of course old Major and Beauty Girl and Prince who will spend the rest of their lives at the stables.
   That's 34 trained horses!!! Only 11 of which are not curly. And does not include Gypsy and Daisy. No wonder I feel like I have been going full tilt the last couple of years. Wow, I guess we should be proud.
    1/31/2005 Fantastic weather this weekend. Plus 5 and sunny. I'm still sick, but slowly feeling better.
   We are excited that Lady, Sugar, Colt 45, Warrior, Doc and Andee are now in the mountains! They were all shod for their first time (which went very well) and loaded up on Saturday for their 5 hour trip. Brenda has promised to give us regular updates and lots of pictures! We are going to go and see them in two weeks to monitor their progress. It's times like this that our handling of the horses really shows. Everyone walked into the trailer as if it was their box stall!
   Saturday we got back into routine. Another farrier came out and trimmed up Kasha, Gypsy, Daisy, Anika, Pride, Red, Marshall Dilon and Beauty Girl. Stephanie rode Gypsy, Daisy, Red, Pride, Dilon, Curly Sarah and we started Anika! Barb came out and we worked with Nakita, Cochise and Safire.
   Sunday Stephanie rode everyone again. Her favorites are: Red for his power, Pride for his temperament, and Dilon for being just darn cute! We saddled Anika who was fine for about 2 minutes and then decided that maybe she should rid herself of the intrusion! Then she settled right down and was excellent. Kathy took Gold rush out for a real trail ride!! Her friend rode Charmer and when they returned both horses were soaking wet. The snow is crusted over from the rain we had and it was a real workout for the horses just at a walk!
   The vet could not make it on the weekend, she is coming on Wednesday now. Will get her to check Beauty Girl while she is here as her back leg is a bit swollen.
   Marie Claude phoned on Friday and they have booked the last week of June for their big mountain trip! Really looking forward to see all of you again!!! Phillipe and Daphne will also be joining us.
   Gary took a saddle and bridle for Magic over for Kristine and Sarah. He reported that there were two very thrilled little girls. Their first horse back ride and mom got it all on video. He says that Kristine is a natural.
   We have received a large number of emails for interest in our mountain trips this year. We will be doing 4 trips this year and two are full already, so please book soon if you want to be certain to have a spot. Also, as usual, lots of interest in the summer riding camps, same deal, please book soon as they are usually booked by March.
   Claudia is very excited to see Johnny Walker and Amber Azela. Tried to take some new pictures for her this weekend, but my camera was on the fritz. Got a couple of pics of Safire but none of the others turned out.
   Finally my grandmother is on the mend. She took her first walking steps in almost 2 months.
   Received an email from Joanie in Illinois whose daughter has extreme allergies. They are hoping to join us on one of our mountain trips this summer.
    1/26/2005 Kristine's gorgeous Arabian finally made it to Europe! She had to travel with some miniature donkeys. Guess she was not overly impressed when first loaded but all went fine.
   We had an excellent week away. It was nice and sunny and plus 30 degrees. When we arrived back home it was only -5, so a huge improvement over what we left!! Guess it was -40 still after we left and then plus 5 two days later with rain. The roads were a mess.
   Tanja is heading to Dagmar's in Germany this weekend to do an allergy test for her husband. Good luck Tanja!!
   Today the farrier is out and will be back out tomorrow. Getting shoes put on Warrior, Sugar, Lady, Andee, Colt 45 and either Red or Doc so they can head to the mountains!
   Have another new farrier coming out Saturday to trim up the rest of the herd. Hopefully Stephanie and Barb will be out also and we can work a bunch of the horses.
   Found six blankets on the net for the boys heading to the mountains. Excellent value, 1200 denier with 300 gm fill!
   Also found an excellent site to order horsy products if you live in the states. It's Has the cheapest wormer, lead shanks, halters, harness, everything!! But you have to have it delivered to a US address.
   It's quite and adventure now going out to give the babes their grain. They all want to eat out of the pail and don't want to wait. Nakita followed me all over last night, until Johnagold and Golden Girl decided they were missing something!! Have to walk through the first corral to get to the babes and that is just about impossible. Anika stands her ground, then Marshall Dilon puts his head under your arm, Chelsea stands sideways, Chautise won't budge and the rest are coming! So it's a mad dash to the babies and then everyone is standing guard along the fence. It's quite funny.
   Finally got Magic over to Kristine's so she can start riding. Gary dropped her off when he picked up the rest of gang and brought them home yesterday. Kristine has got all of the horses eating out of her hand and gave both Gary and I a card and gift thanking us for "letting" her be around the horses!! Thankyou Kristine!! It's a relief to know someone is looking after them.
    1/14/2005 So many emails! Thankyou, everyone, for your thoughts for Whoopi. She will sadly be missed by everyone that knew her.
   Kristine's horse in Nova Scotia may finally get to go to Europe! Finally, after much co-ordinating with Toronto.
   Tonight is suppose to be -40 AGAIN! Will be nice to get away on Sunday for some needed R & R.
   Prince is a master. Last night somehow he opened the doors from the barn and let all of the babies in with him while he was suppose to be eating his special treats. Was quite a ruckus to see everyone in there. The babes had finished their grain, so I guess they asked Prince if they could have some his and he felt sorry for them and let them in!
   I've had so many interesting emails the last while, I'll try to post some of the news in short form.
   Karen has emailed some of Prospectors and Austin's antics. She reports that Prospectors leg is still healing. Wow, that is taking forever! They are having lots of rain there and big problems trying to keep his leg dry. Only Karen and Marian would go to the trouble of laying down dressage mats to keep the horses out of the mud! She also told a story of finding Austin standing in the middle of the arena, holding the lunge whip in his teeth, and waving it up and down as if he was the instructor! Prospector was standing beside him bobbing his head up and down in unison. Too cute!! And the next day Prospector FINALLY picked up the ball!!
   Dagmar has emailed that she found a torsion saddle that has no tree! suppose to be easier on the horse. She also sent me a neat stone necklace of a horse that is suppose to bring good fortune. I should have been wearing it last weekend!
   Cornelia reports that the horses are all doing fine in Norway. They have had some pretty cold days and strong winds, but the Curlies are happy!
   Marie Claude reports that they were able to do some riding over the holidays. She is becoming more and more confident with Tulsa with every ride.
   Kristine emailed that Shawnee Dreamweaver chipped her hoof. Will go over there tomorrow and see what is up. Will probably move the horses from there.
   Met with the mountain trainers last Saturday. Before my world came unglued. Looks like we will be taking Andee, Sugar, Lady, Red, Warrior and Drifter to the mountains for the first of February. If the weather holds in we will also be bringing the 3 year old in for training with Stephanie. That would be Doc Halladay, Marshall Dilon, Rusty Nugget, Colt 45, Diego, Fools Gold and Jazz. Also Nellie, Shawnee and Pride will be going to phase two of their training. All of the 3 year olds, except Fools Gold had all of their foundation training last fall, so they should be able to just carry on!
    1/11/2005 Thankyou to everyone that sent your emails for Whoopi. It's been a hard couple of days. Special thanks to Susanne and Horst for the poem that you faxed! I've posted it here for everyone to read, In Memory of Whoopi . And also special thanks to Kristine, I know you will miss Whoopi and thankyou for your kind words, I just wish you could have rode her.
   The trainer for Gold Rush and Winchester has sprained her ankle so she should be ready to get back in the saddle again when we return.
   I took Annie, Cookie and Jazz to Buck Creek on Sunday. Annie was funny. When I turned her out of the trailer she was running like a two year old. I guess she could smell the other horses and went off like an Arab with her tail strung out and just a strutting! Then Cookie had to catch her and the two of them were plodding through the snow like wild horses. It was a pretty picture.
   All of the babies are looking great. When I go out there in the evenings I can hardly walk as everyone is wanting to be first to get their treats. They are all growing so fast. You should see Flashy Fenacia now, she is so tall! And Lucky Charms is really filling out, Ahani is always busy making sure nobody else gets pet first. Dazzler and Golden Girl are stuck together I'm certain. One never goes more than a meter without the other. Nakita's curls are so think she looks like a wooly mammoth! Jonagold misses his momma. Even though he was weaned he still goes to the fence and calls for her. Safire is looking real good. Her colour is changing again, she looks like flea bitten brown with white highlights. Beau Jangles is really growing also. He's so black he really stands out in the group.
   It's hard to be enthusiast after a day like Sunday. It's so great to have the babies to give one incentive to carry on. At least we know we did everything we could to save Whoopi and I guess it was just her time.
    1/10/2005 Curlies in Norway
    1/10/2005 Itís after 3 in the morning. A sad day has passed. And along with it, Bigcone Whoopi. On days like this one wonders why we are involved in the breeding of horses. Life would be much simpler and easier to sit behind a desk all day and come home and watch TV. But I suppose that is something I will never do regardless of the heartache. At noon yesterday I went out to catch a couple of horses. Whoopi was standing beside the feeder eating hay. At 1:30 I went back to the corral and Whoopi was lying beside the fence as if she was cast. Her feet were between the rails and I could not move her away. I went an got a neighbors help and when we returned she was 20í from where I left her and laying down. We put her in the arena where she was very colicky. Thrashing and rolling and not wanting to get up. I called our vet, Dave Bell, and he advised to give her some bute and see if she quite acting colicky. She did not. So I do took her down to Bells (an hour away) and they palpated her and said her gut was twisted. The only hope for her was to take her to the vet in Calgary for surgery. So off we went at 8 PM to Calgary, 300 km south. The roads were bad with blowing snow and ice fog (it was -30 without the wind chill!) When we arrived they did an ultrasound to find out where the blockage was, and although they found the large intestine over full, they could not see where the intestine was looped. A belly tap was done, and the results did not look good. She had blood in her fluids. Her heart rate was very accelerated which alarmed the surgeon when he arrived. He said she had about a 20% chance of survival with the surgery. But what are you going to do when you have a mare like Whoopi, you have to try. They started surgery around 11 PM and within 20 minutes the bad news came. If you donít have them, you donít loose them, or as the vet said "shit happens". The lining that holds the intestines and stomach all in place had ripped and then wrapped around her small intestine, not once, but twice. And the worst news was that it had ruptured. Had it just blocked off they could have saved her, but the rupture allowed all the toxic poisons to enter into her internal fluids, giving her zero percent chance of survival, even if they fixed the problem. So Whoopi dear, we hope you find green fields with days full of sunshine and free of pain. And one day you will be able to run again with Jonagold, Prince and Beauty Girl, your family and friends. Goodbye Whoopi, we will all miss you.
    1/3/2005 HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!! May the New Year allow you to fulfill all of your dreams and wishes and keep you in good health.
   We had a very good Christmas, hope you all did also. Spent New Years in Grande Prairie and had an excellent time. Got home yesterday around 4 PM and just got in the house and started to answere the 10 phone calls and 32 emails when I heard something banging at the back door. Bear didn't bark, so I ignored it, and then heard it again. I went to the door and opened it and there was Cookie, our Percheron mare, half way up the stairs!!! I thinked she missed me!!!
   Tanja had some strange results from her allergy test. Both her daughter (who does not have allergies) and her husband broke out in welts from the hair sample from Andee. Very strange. But not from Doc, who is out of Andee. I was talking to Gary and he asked what I had done immediately prior to taking the sample, and guesse what, I was petting Kim's cats!!
   Looks like Jonagold will be going with Amber!!
   Gabrielle's microchip arrived, so will be gettting that done ASAP.
   Susanne would like vet checks on her horses, so will try to co-ordinate this with Nakita's vet check.
   This weekend I will head out to check out the new trainers. This could prove to be an awesome partnership. We just don't have the time to train the horses for the packing, tarping, hobbling, etc. that comes with the trail riding. I hope it works! We will still do all of our own intial training and finishing, but require a partner to "just put on miles"!
    12/23/2004 Well the big day is almost upon us! Gary comes home tomorrow and then goes North again for 3 months! Hopefully we will be able to get a little holiday in between.
   SS Native Kasha is pregnant!! Hooray!! So looks like her, Daisy and Gypsy will be going to Germany. Susanne is very excited now, her daughter, Lisa, is really tooking forward to bringing up a foal.
   Oh, and Annie is pregnant! She will never know how close she came to leaving due to her escape antics!! This was excellent news for many reasons, 1 - I do not want to sell her, 2 - she makes our best babies, and 3 - it's Winchesters babe!!!
   Prince is all blanketed up and he sure has the routine figured out. Every night I go out and as soon as he hears the barn door open he is standing at the other door waiting to be let in. Since Gold Rush is always there first and will not let anyone past her, he carefully waits in the background untill she goes for her oats and then sneaks past everyone to his special treats in the barn. What a guy! He is always such a gentleman.
   I won't be back on here now till after Christmas so I would like to take a minute and be thankful for all my blessings, but mostly for the heart warming friendship that I have been able to receive this year. I probably shouldn't name anyone, for fear I will miss someone, but here goes. To Bernard and Marie Claude in Quebec, (Commanche and Tulsa's new parents) you opened your hearts to Gary and I and showed me what family is all about, even when I'm not part of your family you gave me so much this year. Thankyou. And may God be with your mother Marie Claude in the New Year and beyond!! To Dagmar, Bernard and Anna in Germany (Cjura's and Whitneys new parents) for keeping in touch and telling everyone about our fantastic Curly horses. Thankyou for taking me into your home and making me feel welcome. To Karen and Marian in Germany (Austin and Prospectors new parents) for all your patience and understanding, and especially for your shoulder Karen!! To Sophie (Sassy, Fraise and Tony's new momma!) for your trust and promoting the Curlies in France! Thankyou for getting me out of bind when my credit cards would not work!! To Cornelia for purchasing Amoire, Luc and Moonlight and patiently waiting for their arrival in Norway and all your help while you were here! And of course Reidun for all your help and finally getting Felicity to Norway!! To Peter and Marco here from Denmark for always being there when I call! Could not have made it his year with Gary away without your help. To Tracy and Megan from Athabasca for pitching in and helping as always. Hopefully we can go on the mountain trip next year (check the events page, it has a ton of planned trips on it!!) To Clyde in Texas (Spar's new poppa) for feeding Gary so good when he came down, he says he's still waiting for his grits! LOL To all who helped with the Big Production, it was such a stressful day for me, I really want to thank everyone for your support!! To Kathleen in Alaska for giving Snowden, Chinook and Toiya the home they really needed. To Laura and Dan in Red Deer for purchasing Foxy Lightening Strike and bringing him along so well. To Amelia for giving Skookum a good home. To Sukie and Pharrah's new parents in Red Deer for their allergic daughter Cindy. To Jessica for purchasing Sergant and good luck on fulfilling your dream of doing the barrels with him! I know you can do it!! To everyone that has touched my heart in the past few years, a huge THANKYOU!! May God bless you and yours all year round, but especially at this time of year. Here's to a new year full of opportunity and new experiences. Enjoy your Curly horses and your family (notice I said the horses first? I'm sure it was a typo error!)!!
    12/21/2004 Posted some New pics . Kruzer was hilarious just after the big storm blew through on Sunday. enjoy!
    12/20/2004 Huge storm here yesterday. 110 mile an hour winds, blew over two huge grainaries accross the highway, uprooted trees, smashed lots of stuff in the area. I got caught in it and my poor van was just a rocking! Was pretty scary. But all is well at the stables.
   Cornelia called and the horses arrived at 11 PM their time last night! One full week after they left the stables. She said they were all fine and the first thing that Felicity and Moonlight did was roll in the snow!!
   SS Pal's Amber Azela is sold! Can you imagine the babies she will have with a Peruvian Paso!! Should be an awesome cross. She is going to call them Purlys!!
   I have lots of other news, but no time! I will try to get some pictures posted in the next couple of days, but the way things are going it might be after Christmas! Have to play Santa Claus!!
    12/17/2004 Kathy and I did some brainstorming last night on the gaits. We're both pretty green at this and should be some interesting days ahead. We think that Gold Rush is doing the single foot. She does the running walk, but seems to go into a single foot and then paces. Going to have to watch the videos again from Terri!!
   Last night she told me that I had to get the two year old stud out of the babies corral. I'm thinking, there is no 2 year old stud in there. Asked her some more questions and she says this guy sure looked like a stud and he was acting very studdy. Couldn't figure out who she was talking about. Here it was Prince!! It was time for him to get his grain, so he was not acting studdy, just anxious for his treats!! We laughed about that one.
   Received a phone call last night from a lady that wants to breed to her Peruvian Paso stallion!! She is from Germany and we had a very, very nice conversation. Going to send her some pics this weekend.
   Also talked with our prospective partners for packing and mountain training the horses last night. Going to head out there first weekend in January and firm up some details. Can't wait to get Andee, Sugar and Lady there.
   Cornelia emailed that the horses arrived in Oslo, safe and sound. Won't be long now they will be settled in their new home.
    12/15/2004 Eyeyei! Lots happening. Sold the gorgeous high back saddle yesterday, it is heading way up North tomorrow. Sorry to all that showed interest in the awesome saddle.
   Have a new inquiry from Tanja in Germany on a trained curly. A big THANKYOU to Karen for referring Tanja to our Curlies. Tanja advised that she has been visiting our site for a whole year now after Karen told her she was coming to see us and our horses!
   Have the vet booked for next Tuesday to preg check Kasha for Susanne in Germany! And to do a full vet check on Nakita for Gabriele. Hopefully the micro chip transponder will be here in time for the vet to place it.
   The 4 horses arrived safe and sound in LUX and should be in Denmark as I type. They will have one days rest and then commence the rest of their journey to Norway.
   Kathy came last night and rode Gold Rush and worked Winchester. She LOVES Winchester!! I rode Pal, I LOVE Pal!!
   Kristine's horse should go into quarantine today to head to Switzerland.
    12/13/2004 The horses have left!! Luc, Moonlight, Felicity and Amoire left yesterday to begin their BIG journey to Norway. They could be travelling until December 20th!!! They are heading to Bardu, which is at the very Northern tip of Norway. Close to the same parallel as Inuvit, NWT! Everyone loaded super, Moonlight first, then Felicity. Then Luc and of course Amoire will follow him ANYWHERE!!
   Took some video of SS Native Kasha yesterday and Susanne was pleased with what she saw (of course!) and now we will preg check Kasha to make sure she caught.
   Round penned Winchester again yesterday. He's so quiet it's hard to get him to go away. He just wants to follow like the puppy dog he thinks he is! Cathy rode Gold Rush, just climbed on after two weeks off and Gold Rush never missed one beat. She basically has her neck reining already and doing shoulder ins and starting on some spins. I really like her quiet way with the horses.
   Went out into the forest on our land yesterday and cut down my Christmas tree! Haven't decorated it yet, but at least I got one!
   I received quite a few inquiries on the hypo-allergenic cats I heard about. Gabriele in Germany has found a breeder there and she may purchase one and Dagmar is investigating them also. I did purchase one in Las Vegas and must decide how I will get it home.
   Here's a picture of Kristina and Sarah with Sugar yesterday. The girls have everyone begging for treats!

    12/10/2004 Lots of co-ordinating to do. Getting quotes for 3 of our Curlys to get into Sweden, Christines horse to get from Halifax Nova Scotia to Amsterdam then on the Switzerland, an Irish warmblood of Kim Hughes into Ireland and the girls that are heading to Norway!! Plus trying to get information for having Nakita micro chipped for Gabriele in Germany and Susanne is trying to decide wich mares she would really like to import to Germany!!
   It is much warmer here today. Only -12 last night. Had a strange thing last night. Two nights ago Major and the donkeys were in with the babes. Couldn't see how they got in so I thought they must have snuck past Peter when he fed. He said no, but I did not know how else they got in there. Then last night ALL of the lesson horses were in with the babes. I walked around the corrals twice and could not see how they got in, put them back out and then Nellie came wandering through from the far side of the corral. There was one panel open to the field and because it was dark I could not see that it was open to the outside, just enough for the fellows to find their way in with the little ones!
   Received emails from just about everybody the last week. Nancy says Babe is the smartest horse she has ever seen. Dagmar would like info on the hypo-allergenic kittens I found. Karen is having tons of fun figuring out the clicker training. Daphne really wants to come for a mountain trip next year. Oh yeah, I forgot, Gary has found a contact for us that knows all of the old time Indian customs and has a sweat lodge and everything in the Wilmore Mountains! Plus a fellow that knows all of the caves to expore by Kananaskis!
    12/8/2004 -32 last night. Too cold for me. I took my test last night for my nautical license for water craft and passed with 91%!
   Awesome news. Found a hypo-allergenic cat that is absolutely gorgeous. Long hair, but with different protein than normal cats. Same as the curlies!! It's from Russia and they are the prettiest cats I have ever seen. Looks like I may have found a replacement for Kit Kat.
   Federal vet just called and the horses will be leaving the stables on Sunday to head down to Calgary. Heard from the ICHO registry also and the papers that I mailed in August were finally completed and sent out on Monday.
    12/6/2004 -28 this morning! From plus 11 last week. Bit of a shocker this weekend. Our systems have not climatized yet!
   Winchester & Jazz were ready to be backed on Saturday, but it was just too darn cold. Stephanie came out and we got some excellent video on Whoopi, she was such a good girl. Also did the video on Gypsy. Took 3 hours to send them on the computer to Germany. Red was fantastic for Stephanie, as he always is for her. She said we should really try to make him a hunter jumper boy. She lunged Pride before she rode him to get him more balanced and it worked very well. He was so soft when she finished riding him. Also did a session with Gypsy, she had forgotten alot of her training from the fall, so we just drove her and backed her.
    12/3/2004 SS Walcurly Winchester, Nellie and Jazz were all saddled for the first time last night. Winchester is amazing. Faced up first try. Nobody cared about the saddling. Nellie showed some attitude for the round penning, which did not surprise me! Hopefully by Monday we will have put our first ride on all three of these gorgeous critters.
   Prince is in TLC now. Time to pamper the old boy before it gets cold. Can't have him getting a chill from his bald areas from the California rain scours.
   CFRN emailed that they heard me on CBC and they want to do a report for their awesome news broadcast. That would be excellent!!
    12/1/2004 Today CBC Radio, Wild Rose Country with host Donna McElligott did a live interview!! That was a bit intimidating, especially with everyone at work tuned in to CBC and listening! But it went very well. Donna was amazed (as is everyone the first time they hear about Curlies) that there was a hypo-allergenic horse in this world! Told her all about the origins of the breed, my start with Curlies, where we have shipped them to this year - Germany, Austria, France, Alaska, Quebec and the 4 in quarantine now for Norway. It was very exciting.
   The federal vet was here today to take the blood samples for the testing of Felicity, Moonlight, Luc and Amoire. Fingers are all crossed that they pass the tests!
    11/30/2004 The TV was here!! Not sure when it will be aired, they are suppose to phone us and let us know.
   Tomorrow CBC will be doing the interview at 12:30 noon Mountain Standard Time, so if you can try to catch it on the radio!
    11/29/2004 Busy weekend! Gary hauled 20 horses to their new winter pasture, worked on the registrations for Gold Rush and Nakita, had some professional pictures taken, rode Gold Rush!
   Have the A Channel news coming out this afternoon to do a story on the horses!! Horray! First time on television! Plus CBC is doing an interview on Wednesday!! Lots of exposure!!
    11/25/2004 Last night I got home from work at 6:15 and spent an hour with the quarantine horses, then I went to the house and dropped my key in the bushes! Spent half and hour trying to find it in the dark and finally found it. Then I spent 4 more hours working on the France page. Should be ready on the weekend!
   Daphne from Quebec emailed that she had corks put on Fringal. I'm thining that Karen in Germany wished she had corks on Austin. She emailed that she was leading him accross the road and it was icy and he basically did a spread eagle in the middle of the road and stood there looking at her as if to ask "Hey! What now, boss?".
   My grandma will be going in for her operation on Monday, thankyou to all for inquiring on how she is doing.
    11/24/2004 Ifound my notes! From delivering the horses to France. Yes, back in June, I know, but hey, I have been busy!!! Last weekend I spent 5 hours preparing the pictures from this trip and 4 hours last night and now I have my notes, so another 10 hours and the page should be ready to post!!! It was such a full trip that it takes awhile to organize everything so it makes sense. I know a number of you have been waiting patiently to see this story. So, maybe by the end of the weekend I will have it ready.
   Felicity broke her water bucket this morning. What a girl. She loves to paw and must have put her foot in the bucket and broke it. The weather is really co-operating here. Just a skim of ice on the water in the morning, so this is very nice!
   Received an email from a girl in Florida asking if it was too hot there for curlies! Will send he Terry's email address so she can talk to a Curly owner in Florida.
   Susanne received the video of Whoopi and love her and her baby! Isn't today's technology wonderful. Take a video and within an hour it can be viewed in Germany!! Now if we could just get the horses there that easy!!
    11/23/2004 Here's a taste of why I have not been posting much news lately, it's not because there isn't any!! Went to a meeting in Nisku for Agri-Tourism, they are putting together a magazine on things to do in the Edmonton area and contacted US to see if we would put an article in the magazine! On the weekend traveled a couple of hours to look at some new land for the horses. Went to check with Kristine and see how the gaited horses were doing. Got some video of Whoopi that we sent to Germany! Set up mini corrals outside so our quarantine horses could enjoy the fresh air. Barb came by and we worked with the babies. Halter broke Annie's babe, SS Annies Flashy Kochese (Barb has bought him!) and worked with Nakita, Beau, Luc and Amoire. Answered 50 emails. My Aussie saddle came in and I gave it THREE coats of oil! It is gorgeous, but might be too big for me. The show halter that she sent is going to look so awesome on Palladin, Montana silver on it and rich, thick leather.
   Last night we trained Little Marky, Traveller, Misty, Nevada Pride, Nevada Warrior, Red, Bill Hickock and Cinder. This was the first time we had ridden Misty and WOW, I was impressed!! I purchased her as she was the only dapple grey MFTHBA mare I could find in Canada (she is bred to Winchester!!), didn't know she was broke until her previous owner came for a visit and asked if we had been riding her! Dah!! She looks so flashy under saddle, perfectly balanced, foxtrots and won't take many more miles to have her for a lesson horse next year!! I trimmed Misty's feet, pulled Daisy's shoes and fed and watered the four horses that are in quarantine for Norway. Plus I had to catch all the horses twice as they pushed down a "gate" and got loose. After I caught them all our Percheron mare, Cookie, played with the chain on the gate until she got it opened and let everybody out again!
   Keep forgetting to post how Gold Rush is doing. I am thrilled with her progress. First time saddled and ridden were uneventful, just the way I like it. She does, of course have some brood mare attitudes that needed to be corrected. But she is very level headed, not spooky, and she is softening more and more every ride. I'll try to post some pictures to 2004 Pictures of what we've been up to!
    11/19/2004 Walcurly Nakita is sold, she will be heading to Germany in the spring! Gabrielle passed the allergy test and is very excited to be purchasing Nakita. Will be doing up some video for her this weekend. Also will be doing up video for Susan in Germany on Whoopi, Daisy and Gypsy Rose.
   Reidun departs for Norway tomorrow already. Where did the six months go. At least this time she knows her horse will be there before Christmas! Her mom called yesterday and said it was -25 there. Good thing the horses are getting their winter coats before they go.
   Karen in Germany had sent me an email stating she was getting a rough time from the trainers there as she was not riding everyday. She is doing the clicker work and tons of ground work with the horses, but felt guilty as she did not ride every moment. I sent her the following reply and she felt I should share it with everyone else - "It warms my heart to hear your stories. and never worry about not riding, horses are therapy for our souls and there is never a schedule for this. God did not create horses to be ridden every day. Nor did he intend for us to ride every day." My thoughts are that it is much better to spend any quality time with your horse than "pressured" time. If you have a horse for pleasure, what joy is there in it if you don't feel like riding and push yourself to do so as you think you owe it to your horse. We all have days we do not feel like doing something, as I'm sure your horse does also. Remember it is our journey that counts in the end, not the destination. So enjoy the time you spend with your horse and be thankful for every moment that you do share, not guilty for the ones you don't.
    11/18/2004 Received this excellent poem from Kristine, she is the guardian for our gaited Curly herd!
  The Curly Horses

The Curly Horses are so sweet,
I love to take them lots of treats.
And little Johnny Walker Gold,
Is of his sweetness and beauty often told.

Whoopi is such a gorgeous horse,
Brushing gives her coat a shine.
When I leave the horses, its with remorse,
For I would love to be with them all the time.

Prince Charming loves the apples I take,
And likes the bread my Aunty bakes.
Carrots he considers as quite a treat,
He likes them juicy, fresh and sweet.

Jonagold is so friendly and cute,
A colt like him you could never refute.
I love to take him oats and bread,
And pat him fondly on his head.

Shawnee Dream Weaver is beautiful,
I know that her foal will be wonderful.
When Shawnee Dream Weaver starts to walk,
You can always know her by her four, white socks!

All the horses are so sweet,
To see them is always a treat.
And when I see them each day,
They greet me happily with "Neigh, Neigh, Neigh!"

And now to end this poem off well,
I will often of their wonders tell.
And I'll count them carefully each day,
So that, "They are all here!" I may always say!
    11/16/2004 Just updated the Saddles for Sale, some excellent bargains here!
   Katharina sent me this excellent picture that Gary took of ME! It was from the CCHA meeting and I am riding Dublanko's horse for the barrel racing demonstration.

    11/15/2004 Back from visiting my grandma. Had an excellent trip with my daughter.
   Moonlight, Felicity, Amoire and Luc are in quarantine! They will be leaving December 15th for Norway!! The Federal Vet was here this morning and everything is a go. Moonlight was excellent. She was so quiet and trusting to go into the quarantine barn. Felicity was another story. She did not want to enter the barn. Maybe she knows what is happening? Luc could care less, he just wanted to get where we were going to be going anywhere!! And Amoire, will here was a real surprise. She was so quiet and easy going, I would have thought she would have put up some fight to leave all of her buddies, but no, she just went along for the ride.
    11/09/2004 Excellent evening last night. The weather is great here right now, plus 6 today! All of the babies were trained last. Love working with these little guys and seeing them improve so quickly. Of course Jiggers and Luc were no problem as they had been out to our showcases. Amoire was the biggest surpirse. She had not been handled at all and I had to push her to get up she was so quiet! Charms, Nakita, Beau, Cotton Candy, Fenacia and Ambrosia did awesome for their first "official" sessions. Safire was defiently the spunkiest, but she is still with her mom, so she is more independant than the others.
   think we have a date of January 5th for the horses to leave for Norway. Heard from Cornelia and she advised that it takes up to 6 days for the horses to travel from LUX to Bardu! That is very dissapointing as I was hoping to travel with them, but I am only allowed to stay in Europe for 5 days through the airline. Will have to visit them another time I guess.
    11/08/2004 Long day yesterday. Awake at 3:30 AM, headed home at 11 AM and there was an accident on the highway and it was CLOSED for 5 HOURS!! Freezing rain and a semi-trailer lost it's load of lumber when it ran into a pickup truck. Did not get home untill 1 AM today!!
   Received these pictures from Dagmar, the first is Kitty showing her shaving from her intravenous from her hospitilization and the second Dagmar says is "Whitney and Peter looking for Deanna and Gary!" Cute!! Thankyou Dagmar.

   Gabriele reported that she received the hair samples on Nakita and she was thrilled that she had no reaction at all from her "touch" test!!! She breathed from the bag a bunch of times and did have a very slight tingle, but is extremely happy with the results.
   Hoping to hear today if the horses will be departing in December for LUX. Luc, Felicity, Amoire and Moonlight may be scheduled to leave if we can get confirmation for their quarantine today!
   Have two new trainers coming today. Was suppose to be slowing down!! Thankyou to Peter for looking after everyone on the weekend!!
    11/03/2004 We will be postponing our Clicker clinic until the spring. I have everyone's information and will contact all of you that showed interest as soon as we set a date.
   Decided I was going to sell Annie. She's the ring leader of our escapees every time!! So I rode her the last couple of nights just to make sure she remembered she was a broke horse. Shouldn't do this!! I can't sell her. Raised her from a babe and even though nobody else likes her, I just can't sell her. Will have to build a steel fort to keep her in, but somehow we will keep her. She cleared the arena wall from a stand still!! It's over 4' high, but she wanted out. She even jumped out of the stall. The opening is only about 3' high over the 4' door!!! Guess maybe we should take the hint and turn her into a jumper.
    11/02/2004 Gold rush was super last night. Kathy round penned her and saddled her with no incidences whatsoever. She is going to be a dream to train. Little bit if independant brood mare attitude, but would always prefer this to being timid and scared. She never even batted an ear when we tightened the girth. Can't wait to see her ridden!! She was doing some pacing last night, but got into her fox trot when she levelled out.
   Silke phoned from Germany, she is excited to receive the hair samples of Gypsy Rose. Will probably take a week for her and the others to receive them.
   Escapees again this morning. Winter must be in the air, and the horses, like me, do not beleive it yet! Annie was stomping around my bedroom window at 6 this morning with her faithful followers, Buffy and Wyatt.
    11/01/2004 First of November!! No way, what happened to last week, last year!!! Nice weekend here. Was plus 5 yestereday. Gold Rush is going into training today. Can't wait to see her under saddle!!
   Lots of activity right now. Interest in Johnny Walker and Nakita from Germany. Also Gpysy Rose in Germany. And interest on Gypsy, Johnny Walker, Audacious Amoire, Sheeza Seleena, Moolight, and Luc Skywalker!
   News from Dagmar that Kitty had a very bad case of colic. They had to rush her to the hospital and perform minor surgery, but she is recovering. Quite a scare for Dagmar and family.
   Karen reports that Prospector is recovering from his strange leg infection. They are making up a special area for the horses to prevent any new infections.
   Still haven't seen my Aussie saddle yet. Hopefully it will arrive this week.
    10/25/2004 SS Pal's Shinko Shyster is off to his new home!! What a good boy he was. First time being halter and he was so quiet and sensible. Led him out and right up to the trailer. Gotta love these Curly babies! Nobody could beleive that he was that willing. They've never worked with Curlies before! Also received this picture form Laura of her and Foxy!! Good for you Laura, your going to love this boy. Foxy is out of Niva and a half brother to Klondike Kitty in Germany.

The snow caved the shelter in beside the arena yesterday! Made one heck of a noise. Jess was working with Sergant and came running up to the house to tell me. At first she said the roof of the barn caved in and I had visions of a huge disaster. We just filled the loft with square bales!! But it was only the shelter, so could have been alot worse.
Haven't received my Aussie saddle yet. The lady I bought it from has cancer and was in the hospital. No problem!!
    10/22/2004 I must have too much to talk about!! Ran out of room again on my news page!! For the last couple of months please go to previous news. Changed this page a bit. The scroll horse I had took too long for some people to load, so I put a picture of my favorite boy on - Palladin!!! Hope you like it.
   The fellow showed up to spread the manure with three full sized tandem trucks and a cat!! Took them 7 hours to clear the three corrals and wow does it look excellent now!! Looks like a new place! Now we can move all the horses around this weekend. Get the babies in and start their training, move the horses in training around and get settled in for winter. Will be changing all the bale feeders and setting up the round pen inside this weekend and accepting the fact that winter is here. I know winter is really here as my furnace quit yesterday!!! Came home and it was only 12 degrees inside my house!!! Thank goodness I have a back up furnace and a neighbor was kind enough to come and get it all fired up.
   Shinko Shyster will be leaving on Saturday. More inquiries on gaited Curlies and even at this time of year we have more inquires on the trail rides for next year. We will be setting our dates for our Mountain Trips in the next month and will post them to the site. Looks like next year is going to be just as busy as this year - and More Fun!!
   Vickie had a fantastic ride on Star, but who wouldn't, she is such a sweetheart. Midori rode Buffy last night. First time for her on Buffers. Buffy is so light to the aids it took Midori a couple of minutes to realize what she was doing with her seat. Was an excellent lesson for her to realize that her body was not in synch with her hands!! Kyle rode Charmer as he does awesome on this boy. Our beginner rider is coming back on Saturday for another lesson. Still lots happening even with our snow!!
    10/18/2004 Winter is here!! In the middle of October. We got hit with snow again Saturday, and cold. It was not a pleasant thing to wake up to. Got 500 square bales each of hay and straw delivered on Saturday. Peter loaded the bales onto the elevator and I stacked them in the loft!! Guess I'm not in a s bad a shape as I thought. I was still functional on Sunday!! We just tarped the straw to protect it from the snow. Gary spent three days on the skid-steer clearing the corrals. Amazing how much manure accumulates from year to year. Looking real good now and hopefully the fellow will be in soon to spread it on the fields.
   Didn't do much riding over the weekend due to the cold weather. Did get some more horses moved around and went over to see Prince and his gang. The little girl that lives there was thrilled to see the horses back. She asked for some brushes to groom them all as she is doing a horse project for school.
   Put Marky in the riding lesson on Thursday. Midori did a super job with him. She loves riding the gaited horses. Kyle did awesome on Buffy. First time he had rode her and he had her flexing like a pro!! Had a beginner rider come for a lesson and of course she rode Charmer and did very, very well on him. She was posting in the first lesson!!
   I've had lots of request lately (again) for kid proof horses. I wish I could wave my magic wand and put the 3 years of riding on every horse to be able to say that they are a true family, trusting horse. Even though our three year olds are awesome for their temperament and willingness to learn, that does not make them, what I call, a beginners horse. To me a beginner horse is one that has been ridden long enough that he knows what is excepted of him, and performs the same every time that you ride him. And there is only one way to get a horse to this level - Miles!! Next year with our increased trail rides we will be able to put alot more miles on the great horses. Can't wait!!

This is Diamond pulling the sleigh down our driveway. She is 1/4 Curly and Belgian.


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