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    It has come to our attention that we have many faithful followers that visit our site regularily and we have decided to try to post some of our current activities here.

    10/20/2003 - Had to make more room for our news section. Many people have asked to know what is going on here at the stables and my memory is limited as to how much information I can hold here. If you want to see some of the old news, go to Old News and

    2/20/2004 - WOW! WOW!! We hit 10,000 hits today!!
I just put the counter on here a year ago!

    3/5/2004 - Received an email from Susan on Mirosah - "It is such a pleasure to work with a horse that I am not allergic to. I forgot that I am allergic (!) and patted one of the foals at the barn ...and sneezed all the way home and felt sick for 2 hours...this after spending 2 hours with Mirosah, one hour grooming with hair flying everywhere and no reaction whatsoever. I love the way she smells too, sort of like grain." Thankyou Susan for your encouraging words! See their picture in the testimonials page. Here's Susan and Mirosah.

Receiving lots of follow up emails from Karen regarding Prospector and Austin. Marian has been riding Prospector all over by himself!! Good for you guys. Karen has started Austin on his clicker training program and having a blast with that. Didn't take Austin long to figure out what he had to do to get a treat! She says she had him walking so slow it almost looked like a Spanish Walk! Now that would be funny, a North American Curly in Germany doing a Spanish Walk!! I promise to get a ton of pictures posted this weekend of the horses over there!
    3/4/2004 - Got to bed at 4 o'clock this morning! Plane was on time. Gary looked quite funny walking down the hall with a horse head under his arm, had to do a double take looking at him! And we had to look at all the pictures of everyone and I had to see the video on Horse Ball. Now that looks like awesome fun. Interesting strap they place along the girth to tie their stirrups together so they can basically hang upside down off the horse to grab the ball. Karen sent some neat pictures of hunt scenes. Excellent for my living room theme. Dagamr sent a bottle of wine! Gary has some excellent pictures of the horses and the stables that he visited. Some great shots of the forest that Prospector, Austin, Karen and Marian will be riding in. I'll post some this weekend.
    3/3/2004 - Gary is on his way home from Germany. Left Karen's 1:30 this morning our time. I pick him up at midnight tonight in Calgary and should be home by 4 tomorrow morning! Peter has kept all the horses fed and been a huge help the past week. Marco and Vincent assisted the last couple of days also.
Bernard will be arriving from Quebec on Friday with his wife to check out some horses. And Sandra will be arriving from Ft. Vermillion on Sunday with her family! We received our report from England that they did not reacte to the hair samples! Horray! Plus we need some new samples this weekend for a lady by Dawson Creek!
     Karen Z. from Curlies Austria reports that she may have someone interested in Windy Sue. Thankyou Karen for your efforts on finding her a home! Karen was able to take in a bit of Garys' first clinic when she picked up the saddle that he imported for her.
    3/1/2004 - Here are Nancy's comments from Berlin, Germany on Babe "At the beginning Babe was a kind of nervous, but today she behaved like being here all her life. I took her for a ride in the paddock, she was as great as I remembered. She is drinking well, eats everything!" Super Nancy!! Wish you many years together and hope to see you in June!
And finally some news from Karen, in Wiesbaden, by Frankfurt, Germany. She advised that her computer was down, so they could not be in contact. "I had a SUPER ride with Austin in the arena this morning. Lots of up and down transitions, one rein stops, we hobbled him, ponied him, threw all sorts of stuff at him (jackets, ropes, you name it) he is a ROCK. I am MORE than pleased with him and people are just RAVING about them both. Gary did TWO demonstrations, one for 20 to 30 people at Jockels stable where they brought Gary several horses to work with including an Argentine Polo pony/quarter mix and an incredible stallion. Gary could have gone on ALL night, EVERYONE wanted him to work their horse, and Austin was surrounded by a dozen little girls who thought he was the hottest thing since sliced bread. About a dozen people took turns in the round pen with him - he was brilliant."
Sounds like Gary is a hero over there! So super that he is able to demonstrate our methods of horse training so people can realize that horses are individuals and need to learn to respect their handlers. Makes for a much safer environment for everyone!
Spent hours working on the web site yesterday. Most of the links for the yearlings will now take you to their current pictures. Plus some new pictures of our breeding herd.
    2/28/2004 - Finally!! Word that the horses have all arrived in Germay! Safe and Sound. Here's some pictures I received of Babe, I'll post more as I receive them - Germany .
    2/27/2004 - I feel like an expectant father, not knowing what is happening with my children! No word yet if the horses have arrived safely at their final destination. They did land in LUX and I know Jens is on his way home with Babe. I received an email from the broker and he said the boys would be 10 hours before they left. Not sure what that is about. Very frusterating not being there. I guesse all's well that ends well, so will just have to wait and see.
    2/26/2004 - I was only kidding!! Really, it's okay if he goes. But they are all still here. First the plane was delayed 3 hours due to a huge storm in Portland, they couldn't open the nose of the plane, then the plane broke down here. They are scheduled to depart at 20:00 now. Horrible driving last night, very foggy and icy roads. I couldn't make it home after leaving the airport at 2 AM. All the horses were perfect loading, unloading and loading. Prospector stood at the edge of the trailer looking at the other two in the crate as if to say, Doesn't look good to me!. I figured if he could talk and we asked him what he thought about where he was going he would say "chuck you" I ain't' goin there.
    Tracy and Megan coming on Saturday. Hopefully we can get some new pictures for the babies and the two year olds.
    2/25/2004 - Today is the day. Prospector leaves. Karen emailed and her point is well taken. If we ever have an opportunity to do a trade show in Germany she has generously offered him for us to use. What more could I ask. He has been such an ambassador for us it is going to be a long time before we have another like him.
Received an email from Mindy Mead about the website. She advised that she found it frustrating looking through our horses "for sale" pages and found so many horses sold. She suggested that we set up a horses sold page, so that is what we now have. Plus I finally have the 2003 horses listed as yearlings, 2002 as two year olds. And soon -- the new 2004 babies!!
    2/24/2004 - Just found out that I am over my limit for space on the website. I was allowed 10 MG and I was at 15 MG, so I just purchased 500 MG!! Know what that means - watch for videos soon!! As soon as I learn how to put them on here! LOL
Gary rode Spar, Sukie, Commanche and Serg last night. He thinks Commanche should be our future showcase horse to replace Prospector. I think he is right. Commanche has the most collected canter of any of our "green" horses. Watching him last night was like watching a horse that has been rode for years. Very level headed and extremely well balanced. Plus he has the "perfect" Curly traits. Excellent curl and awesome disposition. I rode Gypsy and Traveller. Man, but Traveller has an awesome personality. Was only my second time asking him to give and he was right there. After half an hour he was so soft and supple. He's an awesome family type horse. Just loves people.
Well, tomorrow Gary leaves with Prospector, Austin and Babe. Wow, is it time already? Seems like only a couple of months ago that I met Nancy, Karen and Marian. Thankyou, all of you for the excellent memories and wonderful friendship. It was certainly a year I will never forget. Karen emailed that there could be as many as 30 people at the demonstration. That is awesome that we have so much interest. Thankyou Karen for your faith in us and our horses.
    2/23/2004 - Ran out of room here again. Hate it when that happens as I don't like to delete any of the news.
Have some new pictures here .
Lots of inquiries right now. Interest on 3 horses for Alaska, 2 for Quebec, 2 for Michigan and 2 for Northern Alberta for Pony Club!
Had a tragedy at the stables on Saturday. Little Anastsia is no longer with us. Wasn't sure if I should post this news, but so many of you met and fell in love with Beauty's angel that I knew you would want to know. She somehow got her head through the rails in the corral and got stuck and slipped on the ice. t was a very sad day, and especially for Megan as she had really bonded with Anna. The hardest part was calling to let Tracy and Megan know what happened. Little Anna will be very missed. She was truly special and a real pet.

Had to share this pic of Prince that Cindy sent to me. I'm working on the new page, just need more time in a day!!
    2/20/2004 - Thankyou Tracy for letting me know that the link for Snowden did not work! Here's the correct one - Snowden . Watched Gary ride Commanche last night, boy is he smooth. And Sergant also. They are both very confident in their way of travelling. I rode Traveller and believe it or not he feels rougher than Commanche and Sergant look! So I spent an hour getting Traveller to give to the bit. He figured it out so now it's just a matter of getting him to do it consistently and from the saddle.
Just met with the federal vet and the paper work is all finalized for Prospector, Austin and Babe to head to Europe. I asked the vet if he could say that Prospector couldn't go, but he wouldn't go for it! He will come back next Wednesday and inspect the sterilized trailer before we load the horses and do one last inspection before we leave.
    2/18/2004 - Nancy translated half of my German site out of the goodness of her heart! Wow, Nancy you never cease to impress me. Thankyou so much, you're a God send. Took me 8 hours just to copy over all she wrote! I can imagine how long it took to type it all.
     It's bee gorgeous here the last week. Plus 7 today! Gary rode Spar and Sukie last night, went as if they were old pro's. I rode Prospector and true to his character he had to give his traditional "I feel good" buck at the canter. He's so funny, thinks he's this big intimidating stallion, when his buck is no more than my 25 year old Major could do. I probably shouldn't ride him as it makes letting him go harder. But we were doing shoulder in's, half pass, turn on fore and hind and just having fun. I love that feeling of the horse on the bit and the power in your seat. Just have to get Oaks coming along I guess. Gary rode Austin who was full of P & V from being in quarantine. Cantered him for awhile so could get his concentration.
    2/17/2004 - I'm excited! Cindy Chaney sent me some excellent picutures of Prince taken 10 years ago. Cindy is the lady that trained Prince back then and she has told me some excellent news items that I will post in the next week. I love the pictures! Thankyou Cindy!! It's so cool to see Prince in his younger years, brought tears to my eyes. It's confirmed, Bernard and Mary will be arriving from Quebec on the 5th. They are excited about meeting our horses. Bernard said "It's like making an adoption." We weaned Anastasia on the weekend (she is out of Beauty Girl from New York that foaled late) and took Beauty into the arena. Well, that did not go over well with her or Prince. I think they screamed for each other the whole next day. Finally had to take Beauty back out to her man as she was so worked up she was dripping wet. We now have her foal in the arena and she could care less that mom is not around. But, you should have seen Prince when we brought Beauty back out. He was running around and snorting like a 2 year old. He's feeling so good these days it's great to see him like this. I was worried that it might have been too much of a culture change for him, but true to his style he just adjusted right in. Dagmar reports that a western trainer from Lamsborn will be attending Gary's clinic in Weisbadan. Could be a busy place on the 29th.
    2/13/2004 - Did up another new page on Snowden . Slowly but surely I will get a page posted on all of our trained horses.
    2/11/2004 - Our guardian angles are working over time. Had a fire in the barn on the weekend, and thanks to Gary's quick respones, nobody was hurt. Gary and all the horses are fine. The stock tank heater melted through the stock tank and landed in the straw, which caught fire. 10 minutes later and we would have had a major dissaster. Thank you Gary!!!
    Night before last the weather was so beautiful, had to get out and work with the babies. Always amazes me, even at this young age, how they all have thier own indivdual personalites. Annies colt Cheyenne is so goreous. No wonder he was the first to sell.
Made a couple of new pages one on Winchester and one on Windy Sue . Just realized I have to update all the horses for sale as the yearlings are now two year olds and the new babies page is from last year. So much to do, so little time!
    2/9/2004 - Got some excellent video of Rhumba. Boy he is going to be one of the best colts we have produced. Such extension and grace. Not surprising as his grandpop, Tango Selune, was a world champion dressage and eventing horse.
    2/6/2004 - Received an email on Wednesday from a wonderful fellow in Quebec. His wife has asthma and they are looking for a couple of horses. And guess what! We get to meet them on March 6th, they are going to fly out to meet our beloved Curlies! They currently ride in the Laurentians and are very excited to have found us.
    2/2/2004 -Still minus 24 this morning. We had a visitor to the stables yesterday, Susan and her husband. Susan has extreme allergies to regular horses and her husband said "If somebody had told me 10 years ago that my wife could own a horse, I would've told them they were crazy!" Susan kept Prince and a couple of mares for us for a couple of weeks last summer and is ecstatic that she found a breeder of Curlies so close to her home. She is anxiously waiting for our lessons to commence this spring so both her and her husband can start riding. She even tested Anastasia and did not react, so here's hoping Megan can have her best friend!
    1/21/2004 - Just received word that Mirohsa will be leaving this Sunday. Here's what Susan and Geoff said: "You guys are so great, easy to deal with, organized, and commited. Thankyou so much for taking such good care of her..." It's comments like these that keep us going here. Thankyou Susan, and I know you are going to be thrilled with Mirosah.

    1/19/2004 - Prospector, Austin and Babe are approved for quarantine on Friday. They will all be receiving their vaccinations today. Daisy and Gold Rush both injured themselves while I was gone. Have our booking confirmed from Germany for visitors in July of next year. Plus we could be receiving visitors from England in March. Looks like it is going to be another busy year.
     And the counter! Hit 8,000!! Thankyou to all that visit our site. Time and time again we receive comments on it, and it is alot of work to try and keep it updated. But it is certainly worth all the effort with all the feed back I receive.
     So I guess this is the last correspondence for 2004! I wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year and hope that 2004 brings you good health and happiness. May you be blessed, as I am, in all your adventures and I sincerely wish you good fortune and if I haven't already, I hope to meet everyone that I have corresponded with this last year. Dagmar advised that she will be launching rockets in Germany for us here at the stables!
    12/29/2003 - I ran out of space again! Deleted some of the older, not so important news. Gave all the horses their treats on Christmas eve and listened to all of their thoughts. Special treats were given to Prospector, Austin, Felicity and Babe. And of course Major.
    12/22/2003 - Traveller had his first trip to town and was one of the first horses to cross the railroad tracks on the first request! What an awesome fellow he is. Chinook had a good trip to town also, pulling the cart. Never even flinched at the vehicles coming at him. And Spar is getting steadier every ride. Beauty Girl is lame. Not sure what happened, her fetlock is swollen so it is being looked at today. Interest in Spirit from someone in my hometown of Peterborough, Ontario. People in England received the hair sample.
   Thankyou to everyone that has helped make Sunnybrook Stables the huge success that it is. (We may even hit the 8,000 mark on the website for this year!) I wish I could post the names of all of the wonderful people that I have met the last year, just to thankyou for your belief in me and to thank you for the wonderful time we spent together, but you know who you are! So Thankyou!! I hope to see all of you again in the New Year.
   And to Silke an extra special, big hug goes your way!
   On that note I am going to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas, may God bless each and every one of you and bring you happiness and joy this holdiay season. May your stockings be filled with love and prosperity and may your hearts be warm.
I finally made it to meet Ole Skjonsberg, what a splendid gentleman. He confirmed that Curly horses were running in the wild around 1850. It was his grandfather that captured the first Curly around 1890! Ole's first stallion was Roy, a very solid boned pinto. Most of Ole's horses go back to this stallion. I asked him why he bred the Curly horses, and he looked at my like I was missing the boat. He told many stories of Curlies that he had owned that were superior to any other horse around. One was a little black mare that he swears jumped 7' and was to be entered in the World's Fair in the States. Another was a little sorrel pinto mare that he won many races with. I would like to point out that all of Ole's horses were around 14.2 hands and they were top contenders in any competition. Many of you know that I have a problem with the "big horse syndrome", and this truly reinforces my thoughts.
It was interesting that Ole first discovered that the Curlies were hypo-allergenic when he sent some horses to a neighbors for pasture. This was in the 30's, and his neighbor had allergies to horses, but did not react to the Curlies.
I was thrilled when Ole brought out his guitar and sang a couple of songs. What a very charming fellow. I'm certain that a few years ago he was the life of the party. He said that when he was 60 years old he had a horse loose it's footing on a mountain trail ride and she came down on him, fracturing his pelvis and damaging his kidneys. Wow, hope I have his stamina to recover from such a near death experience at 60!

Had to share this picture of myself and Anna. Dagmar sent me this picture yesterday from Germany, and I love it. This child is such a happy little girl, brings warmth to my heart just to see her smiling face. I wish for all of you to have such a light heart over the Christmas holidays!
    12/15/2003 - Everybody was ridden and everybody went great. Cody rode Spar, Wyatt, Sergant and Pharrah. Gary rode Sukie, Traveller, Snowden, Gypsy and Commanche, and drove Chinook in the cart through town. Pride & Warrior should have their first rides this week. I rode Austin, getting some leg on him. Worked him in the round pen first, had him trotting beside me loose and then coming to a full stop. He was reluctant to go to the left to start, but was a pro after 5 minutes. He is so smart. Got some video footage done for Terry on Gold Rush.
    12/9/2003 -Awesome day yesterday with the horses. Every once in awhile everything goes right. First off Gary rode Traveller and Sukie outside for their first times. We have snow drifts with a crust over them and the poor horses would fall through after their full weight was applied. Neither horse so much as flinched when this happened, very impressive. Then we did up a video on Mirosah and she was awesome. Neck reining like a barrel star! Spar was incredible. He paced himself totally at the trot. Many times with a green horse they will break pace and wander, not Spar, steady as a rail.
    12/8/2003 - Finally! Some new pictures - Here! .
    12/8/2003 - Spar and Traveller are possibly sold to Texas! Congratulations Clyde, you have two fine geldings on the way. Traveller is going to make an awesome family horse with his temperament and Spar is going to be one of the flashiest mounts around. Here's hoping you pass the allergy tests. We sent off some hair samples to England Friday and have another packet to go to Wisconsin.
    10/17/03 - The horses all arrived in Austria safe and sound. Came home to 125 emails! Lots of interest in many of the horses right now. So much to do to get ready for winter. Bringing Austin back into training tonight for Karen in Germany. Plus Roper for a tune up for his new owner and Oakley. Reidun has officially purchased Felicity! Not sure when she will be going to Norway. Receiving a new gaited mare this weekend. Gary is off trucking horses from Montana to Oklahoma for Austria, then picking up Curly Sarah in Kentucky and Little Marky in Idaho. Nancy wants to take Babe to Germany! Hope it happens, they got along so well together when her and Jens were here. Speaking of them, they provided me with excellent hospitality while in Switzerland. Thankyou!!! Have 500 pictures! Dagmar is very excited about our new joint venture to promote the Curlies in Germany. She is heading to an exposition next month. Lady interested in Daisy from Quebec. Lots happening! Thought I was going to have some quiet time when I got home, but should have known better! Have to get our 300, 1300 LB round hay bales home in the next couple of weeks. Going to try to finish some fencing this weekend.
    10/07/03 - Had our best horse show ever! Curlies - Dreamweaver, Butch Cassidy, Spirit, Oakley, Roper, Prospector, Wyatt Earp and Babe were up for the show. About 20 people participated and I will post the full report and pictures when I return. The weather was unbelievable! Gorgeous day, 25 degrees, no wind. Megan Dick rode Angel for the trail ride on Sunday. Wait till you read this. She was trotting along and Angle tripped, while Angel was getting her balance she trotted forward and since Megan lost her balance (something to do with no heels down?) she fell forward over angels shoulder. Landed on the ground right in front of the trotting horse and Angel went right over top of her. I was certain we were going to need an ambulance. But true to Megan's forms she got up and got back on her horse. Little Angel did everything possible to not step on Megan, sidestepping the whole way. I was extremely impressed with Megan, there is not another girl around her age that would not have shed a tear after such a scare.
     Heard from Karen in Germany, she thought she had purchased a horse from Kentucky, but the deal fell through, so now she going to purchase Austin! Hooray Karen, although I'm not sure it is a good thing to buy a horse because it likes Beer!!!! I am happy for you, and I am glad that Austin liked you. Also heard from Nancy, we will be celebrating both of our birthdays in the Alps! She has booked a cabin for us and I should get to meet her family. Have also been in touch with Dagmar in Germany and they will be picking me up at the airport! Thankyou Dagmar! Can't wait to see you, Bernard and Anna again!

This is Diamond pulling the sleigh down our driveway. She is 1/4 Curly and Belgian.


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