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Promoting Curlies in Italy!!

     It was with great pride that we promoted the North American Curly Horses in Italy. Currently there are no curlies in Italy, but we hope that will change after attending the FierraCavalli, second largest horse show in the world.
    There was lots of interest in the breed, we just wish we could have had a horse there, but at $8,000 one way, it was out of the question for this year.
    The show itself was humungous!! 12 buildings the size of the Sportex in Edmonton full to the brim. There were 8 riding rings with demonstrations and competitions going all day from 9 in the morning till 8 in the evening. Thousands of people and hundreds of horses. There was not a spare moment during the 9 days.
    The biggest surprise was that no one spoke English. Prior to leaving we were advised that English was the second language and it was no problem. French was the second language spoken and thank goodness I knew enough to get by.
The People
Sunnybrook Stables Display in the the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce Booth. Lots of interest in our display and pictures.
Susan Stewart, in the Equine Canada Booth with the Canadian Curly Horse display. Supper in Verona. Jerry, John and Ian from Manitoba.
Our interperator, Livio, (Manitoba Italian Chamber of Commerce) the strain of the trip showing it's signs! Graham and Sylvia from the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce.
The Horses
Look at this Spanish Palomino Stallion. He was the most awesome horse there. Just flowed. This father daughter performance brought tears to your eyes. The son was also riding a Spanish stallion.
Wow, could this grey stallion extend. He would strut around the ring so proud. Look at the concentration on this great grey. He could do it all. Spins, piaffes, and such suspension.
This one looked like a marble statue, he was so perfect in conformation. Silky coat and just breathtaking. There were 3 flamingo dancers in the ring with him and he "danced" with them for the whole performance.
You could tell the rider of this bay lived for this horse. They were in perfect harmony. The whole crowd was cheering. I couldn't get over how they rode these priceless horses right through the middle of the crowds, performing piaffes in the middle of the sidewalk.
After performing acrobatics on this guy, he would bow about 5 times in a row. Extremely quick and athletic. I had never heard of the Morguse horse before. Looks very much like a Freisan, just a bit lighter.
the Italians sure like to dress up for the bid day. They sold soveniers of these carted horses. And just after you thought you'd seen it all, along comes a pair of spotted horses that you wanted to put in your pocket and take them home.
As soon as you step out of the train station you see this awesome view of a canal in Venice. It's like another world. Every where you look in Venice there are little canals between the buildings, just like this one, with gondolas everywhere.
Here's a taxi stand for gondolas to take you sight seeing.. The majority of trade is done by water. Very few areas with land vehicle access.
this is the site of the origianl main trading center that Venice was built around. Romans came here to barter thousands of years ago. The focal point of the trade center. This church is awe inspiring with all of its intricate details.
Sirmione ruins on the peninsula. This awesome castle was built in the era of Pompei for a noble family. Rock flag holders that fell from the terrace that was above.
Hall of the giants of Sirmione. Time and time again I asked myself "How on earth was it possible for them to build this?" Looking into the middle level of three. Where the olive trees are now was the main floor for the noble family.
Looking through one of the wind holes. Note that there are five rooms visible through the hole. Many of the rooms were only 10' x 10'. Olive trees on the edge of the cliff.
Pathway leading to the Sirmione ruins. Tress of every discription line the walkway from the gardens of the ancient owners. Looking down into the clear water from Sirmione. It's no wonder they choose this spot for a noble retreat.
Arcealogical dig in the middle of a street in Verona displaying the layers of the cities there. Typical ancient historical wonder you will see as you walk around Verona.
The old bridge in Verona. I was astounded that people walk over it every day on their way to work. View on the oldest bridge crossing the river in Verona. Used to be part of a castle. There's even a moat!
Items of Interest
This is the propellor plane from Munich to Verona. Took 13 minutes by shuttle just to get to it at the airport. I was travelling for 25 hours on the trip home. The next size up from a two horse trailer is a van. They are everywhere.
Want a deep seat saddle, here it is. This is the common Spanish riding saddle. There was a huge display of perfection in craftmanship of various sulkies and wagons.
Abandoned Fruit stand in a farmers field. Roadway to Verona. Note the concrete ditch.
Roadway to Sirmione. Note the bark on the horse chestnut tree. McDonalds in Verona. Note the french fry sauce is mayonaisse.
Vineyard under restoration. Note the concrete posts. Pomegrant tree growing wild.