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Here is some information on importing a Horse into Europe.

     The average cost for a Curly foal is $1,500 Canadian dollars, or 1,000 Euro. Gaited Curlies and Sport Horse Curlies average foal price is $3,000.
     The average cost for a two year old Curly is $2,500, or 1,700 Euro. Gaited and Sport Horse depends on the breeding, but around $4,000.
     The average cost for a trained 5 year old Curly is $6,000 Canadian dollars, or 3,900 Euro.
     The average cost for importing any horse is $5,350 Canadian dollars. Weanlings $3,600 (Price goes up Oct/2005)
     This includes the Federal veterinarian inspection, brand inspection, vaccinations, Coggins test, quarantine, transportation to the airport and the flight to Luxembourg. You are responsible for paying the duty and taxes in Germany. The duty depends on the type of horse you purchase. EU customs duty of 12.5% plus Vat of 6% is applicable to most purchases. Our agents will assist with clearing your horse in Luxembourg.

How do we do it?
     90% of our sales are done through the internet. We have numerous references for you to check.
     On average it takes 100 emails before the horse is ready to leave.
     Our prospective customers receive pictures of the horses that they are interested in. Once you decide on one or two we request a deposit of 25% of the total purchase price, then we may send you a video of the horses that you like. If after viewing the video you change your mind, your deposit is refunded in full. We are pleased to report that everyone has purchased a horse once they decided that they wish to own one of our curlies.

     You have two options here. The Federal veterinarian inspection is included with the above quote for importation. If you request a detailed pre-purchase inspection it is $250 Canadian dollars more. This inspection is more thorough and includes flex tests, joint movement and a closer look for unsoundness and blemishes. If you decide not to purchase the horse after the vet test, your deposit is refunded less the cost of the veterinarian inspection.

     We are a Canadian Federally Approved Quarantine Station for exporting any breed of horse. All horses must be quarantined for one month before entry to most countries. Prior to quarantine they will receive their vaccinations. During quarantine they will have their vet inspection with all required blood tests.
     This cost is also included in the above quote.
     When the horse enters quarantine, the balance of the total money is payable. Your are encouraged to insure your horse once it enters quarantine.

     It is recommended that you insure your horse through our agents. Their rate is 1.5% during quarantine and 2% in transit.
     This insures against injury, death, missed flights for health reasons and any problems that happen during quarantine, hauling to the airport, during the flight and transportation to your home..


     Once quarantine is complete we load the horses into our sterilized angle haul trailer. The trailer that we use for this purpose holds three horses comfortably, has dividers and is padded. We take our hay and water with us. Horses do not like a change of water, so we make certain we have the water they are used to.

     When we arrive at the airport (about 3 1/2 hours) we enter the equine facility there and the horses are unloaded from our trailer and loaded into the box stall. We fill the hay nets, fill the stalls with fresh shavings and load the water. The stall is sitting on a dolly with wheels so it can be moved out to the plane..
The box stalls hold 3 horses or 4 foals. The horses are loaded on the ground and then lifted onto the plane. Sometimes we are loaded into the nose of the plane, as they are here, or sometimes into the belly of the plane.
We monitor the horses during the entire flight, we have a side entrance door from which the horses can be fed and watered. The horses are very comfortable and can see each other through the openings at the front of their stalls. We have NEVER had to tranquilize any of the horses that we transport. The flight is more comfortable for them than riding in a trailer.
There is not alot of spare room in the cargo area of the plane. The temperature is controlled from the cockpit of the plane and is kept comfortable according to the time of year and the coat of the horses. We are able to check the horses from the outside, but do go inside to fill the haynets, etc. Most horses sleep for part of the flight.
     9 hours later we arrive in Luxembourg! The horses are lowered from the plane and transported on the dolly to the quarantine area. Here they are met by you and we help you load your new horse into your horse trailer for the final leg of it's journey.


     Our brokers will look after clearing your horse upon arrival. All you have to do is meet them at the airport with you identification, pay your applicable fees and take your new friend home!


     We would love to have you come and visit us and spend some time with us and our horses. There are many Local Points of Interest or maybe take in one of our Western Frontier Adventures .

     We hope that you have found this information beneficial. It is our goal to make your new purchase as trouble free as possible. To date we have never had a problem exporting a horse and we plan to keep it that way. We make every attempt to look after all of the details for you and your horse.
Our exchange rates are based on 1.55 Euro exchange and are subject to change according to the current rates.
Thankyou again for visiting our site and I hope you someday own one of our beloved Curlies!!