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    Here are some of our succesful placements of happy horses. Wish I had time to do complete pages here on the story of each and every horse, but time does not allow this! All I can say is that every person we have sold our horses to has followed up with pictures and stories of their horses.
     We have made so many great friends over the last few years. Who would have thought that one day we would be selling horses into the States, let alone Norway, Germany, France and Austria. It has truly been an exciting and extremely rewarding adventure.

1996 Blue Roan Curly Gelding
"SS Mac Dilon" (Mac) Mac is a very quiet, easy going boy. He is friendly, and takes anything that is new in stride. He has excellent markings with his blaze and stockings. He's been on trail rides, in lessons and even in a parade! Sold to Kim!!
May 3rd, 2005
Bay *Curly Colt
SS Buff's Kodiak Braveheart

SS Annie's Buffalo Girl has given us her first colt! Look at this guy. He is very athletic looking, refined features, and tons of curl!!
See his baby pictures here.
June 26th, 2008

Black SC Gelding

SS LT's Fury
Fury was up and running from the moment he hit the ground. Thanks to Kristine for imprinting him from day one he is not afraid of ANYTHING! Out of LT by our MFTHBA, ICHO, ABC one of a kind gaited curly stallion, SS Walcurly Winchester.

More pictures here!
2003 Pinto Curly Gelding
*ICHO 502D

SS Kutennai Kruzer

Want character, take Kruzer home!! There's some pics of him playing in the grain bucket on the site. Can't leave anything or anyone alone! Started under saddle summer of 2005 and also turned out for good behaviour. Very flashy boy, out of SS Kutennai Gypsy by Mac Dilon . Sold to Hailey
2003 Sorrel Curly Gelding
*ICHO 503 D (ABC eligible)

SS Sunnybrook's Real McCoy

The most friendliest boy around!! Always in your pocket checking what the heck you are doing!! His training under saddle was started summer of 2005 and he never even noticed when we put the saddle on! Gave him a couple of rides and turned him out for a month for best behaviour! Destined to be a fantastic family horse, very steady for a 2 year old. Out of Niva by Palladin . SOLD! To Denise
March 13, 2008

Black/Bay SC Filly

SS Amber Airetina

Sport Horse conformation. Breeding. Temperament. It's all here in Tina.
Out of our sport horse curly mare Cierra Amberina , by our MFTHBA, ICHO, ABC one of a kind gaited curly stallion, SS Walcurly Winchester.
Sold to Karen.
April 6th, 2008

*Curly Bucksin Filly

SS Oakley's Satin Savanah

Out of our Albert Horse Improvement Award Winning mare, SS Annie's Oakley , by our MFTHBA, ICHO, ABC one of a kind gaited curly stallion, SS Walcurly Winchester.
Sold to a very happy Hannah!!
June 1st, 2007

* Curly Chestnut Gaited Colt

SS Walcurly Serrando
Out of Nellie by SS Walcurly Winchester. .
Sold to Maria in Germany!
June 18th, 2007

* Culry Sorrel filly

SS Walcurly Princess Annie
Curl, bone and movement. The personality is the bonus. Can't go wrong with this "Princess" Annie!!
Out of Annie by the world famous, Gaited Curly stallion Charming Prince!
Sold to Berthold in Germany

pictures here.
2002 Sorrel Gelding

SS Sunnybrook's Diego

Another one of Moonlight's stocky foals. Super quiet disposition, a gem to train, easy going and friendly. Definetely has all the curly traits we love! An excellent family type boy that loves people and has had an excellent foundation for his training. He's been to the mountains and ridden by green riders. Out of Moonlight by Palladin . SOLD TO SPAIN!!
May 2005
Appaloosa *Curly Filly
SS Snippy's Blue Jeder

Jeder ( pronounced yeder) is a very well conformed, smart looking girl. She is out of our lesson mare Snippy by Blue , an appaloosa curly stallion in Montanna. She is friendly, willing, solid and is an excellent prospect for a family horse, speed events or mountain riding. Jeder's dam is the sweetest mare you can find. She took a novice rider to the top of the mountains, taught children to ride in summer camps and is one of the easiest horses I have ever worked with. Jeder is showing the same traits. Jeder was born bay and every year she is showing more appaloosa traits. She is now completely appaloosa coloured.
Sold to Germany!

More pictures here.
1999 Bay Curly Gelding
ICHO 248-D ABC eligible

Prince Charming II

"Charmer" is everything. Mountain horse, trail horse, jumper, lesson horse, you point him at it and he does it. An awesome family horse, gentle as they come. Great ground manners, loads and travels excellent. Perfect Curly coat, hypo-allergenic, has more height than the average Curly and great bone. There is nothing more you could ask for. You can throw a rope off him, you can do the barrels, he's teaching teenagers to ride. He is truly one of a kind especially with his curly coat.

pictures here.
2002 Buckskin Gelding
ICHO 289 D (ABC eligible)

SS Sunnybrook's Doc Hallady

He's the tallest of our 3 year old colts standing over 15hh. Easy to handle and was halter broke in a day. He is now started under saddle and is a charm to train. His full brother is now a super family horse and just as willing as this guy. Has a blaze and one rear sock. Out of Cypress Patsy by Andee . Pedigree . Sold to Germany
2002 Sorrel Gelding
ICHO 291 D (ABC eligible)

SS Sunnybrook's Marshal Dillon

Excellent star and a snip. Perfect Curly traits. Full tail, Curly mane and great curl. Marshal is destined to be one of our promotion horses. He took his training in perfect stride. He is so calm and willing. You could not go wrong in purchasing this boy. He will be an all around family horse. He is 14hh at two years old. Out of Cypress Mischief by Elko Nevada . Sold!!

* Curly Sorrel Gaited Colt

SS Walcurly Phantom Jaxx
Out of Curly Sarah by our MFTHBA, ICHO, ABC one of a kind gaited curly stallion, SS Walcurly Winchester.
Aug. 5, 2005
*Curly Sorrel colt

SS Walcurly Cimmaron

Annie has produced one of her best colts ever. Already the producer of our mare Oakley, winner of the Alberta Horse Improvement award for Superior Alberta bred horse, and now she has produced this awesome boy. He is out of Winchester and is already showing his elegance. Super curls, full mane, height, bone and character. They don't come any better than this boy.
April 25, 2006

* Gaited Sorrel Curly Filly

Walcurly Sterling Govenor's Starshine

Out of our super gentle, MFTHBA mare, Happy Hearts Morning Star by our MFTHBA, ICHO, ABC one of a kind gaited curly stallion, SS Walcurly Winchester
SOLD to Germany
July 30th, 2006

Black SC Filly

SS Anika's Black Pearl.

Anika has proven herself again. This filly is really showing the Friesian influence with the solid bone and elegance, the thoroughbred stamina and the curly charm.

More pictures here!
1998 Black Curly Gelding

A very thrilled Dawnine now has Andee and is so excited that she has horses back in her life. Her husband, Shane is extremely allergic to horses, but not Andee!
"Andee" Unbeleivable athletic ability and so willing. Gelded fall of 2004, started under spring of 2005 and is now out on lease for jumping. He's gorgeous, willing, and the talk of the stables where he is on lease. Looks much taller than his 15hh, and feels it when you ride him. Excellent neck, perfect square conformation and those lovely curly black feet. He's the father to a number of foals here.

pictures here.
2001 Blue Roan Curly gelding
*ABC SE 552

Lisa fell in love with Wyatt from the first time she saw him, came out to meet him and just had to have him.
"SS Sunnybrook's Wyatt" Very solid, well muscelled colt. Wyatt has very strong curly traits. He has excellent bone and great quarters. Deep chest and well balanced neck line. 4 black feet, 1 sock and a full star with a half blaze. Should mature around 15hh. He has your hip pocket curly temperament. Out of Moonlight by Wyo Cody.
2001 Sorrel Canadian Warmblood/Curly

*SS Shawnee Dream Weaver. Shawnee is a superb mare. Perfectly square, solid and the producer of gorgeous culry foals. Her mom was one of our lesson horses and had some gait to her movement, and her dad floats like a butterfly. She is out of Nicker To Me by a Canadian Warmblood stallion, Trogan. 4 white stockings and a full star with a gorgeous mane and tail.
out of Nicker To Me by Trogan. See her pedigree here.

More pictures here!
2000 Bay Curly Mare
*ABC Registered

Hooray! Opal and Jewel get to stay together. They are heading to Virgina to be part of a therapuetic riding acadamey!!
"Jewel" Wow, look at Jewel and her full sister Opal. Talk about a pair of solid, quiet good boned mares. Both these girls were started under saddle in 2005 and I can't say enough about how super they were to train. Very willing, not spooky, excellent minds and great ground manners.
Sold to therapeutic riding academy!

More pictures here!
2001 Bay Curly Mare
*ABC Registred

"Opal" Opal is another one of those awesome girls that is going to be a super trail, family horse. We were on her back in no time and she is just so laid back and willing. Both these girls have substantial conformation, sure footed, friendly and willing. Opal is around 15hh, with the excellent base that these girls have they will carry anyone anywhere!!
Sold to therapeutic riding academy!
Oct. 2, 2005
*Bay Curly Filly

Jedder is heading to Manitoba!!
Snippy's Blue Jeyder Out of Snippy by Blue.

More pictures here.
2001 Bay Curly Gelding
*ICHO 227-D

Warrior will have a new home in Oregon. We are going to miss this boy, our first to ever perform in 3 day eventing.
"SS Nevada Warrior" Warrior has an awesome trot. He floats and is a joy to watch and ride. He is responsive, forward and extremly willing to figure out what you are asking of him. Super curly and super athletic. He attended his first show jumping competiton in the fall of 2005 and performed perfectly for his first show. He's done trail rides and is one quick learner! He is out of Cypress Dhina by Elko Nevada .
2003 Black Gelding

SS Pal's Anikan Ambassador.
Kenny is one lucky guy. He's heading to Oregon and will be able to show off all his athletic ability. We look forward to seeing some awesome pics of this boy. Well, we finally have it. A black, curly, Friesian stallion prospect. He is solid, spunky and lots of mane and tail. He is full of bounce and life. Check back in a month as we are going to have lots of pictures of this little star. Out of SS Angelic Anika by Palladin . Gelded 2006
March 20, 2005
Buckskin/Grulla? *Curly Filly
SS Native Davinah
Wow!! The best sporthorse breeding in the Curly world!! Look at her for a Tango baby!!
See more pictures here.
Sold to Connie
June 9, 2006

Pinto Colt
Angel's Baxter Bonanza

We purchased Baxter's mom to produce our Curly draft team. She was already bred to a champion quarter horse and wow, look what we got! Out of our registered 16.2hh Percheron mare and a registered Paint stallion.
May 24, 2005
*Curly & Gaited Sorrel Colt

SS Walcurly Prince Trevino. Curly Sarah's boy.
See more pictures here.
May 29, 2005
*Curly Colt

SS Trojan Nicker
SS Shawnee Dreamweaver's first babe! Look at the curl on this little charmer! Like a sheep!! His momma is Canadian Sport Horse breeding, and out of one of our best lesson mares. This little guy is a very soft golden colour, should be a rich palomino when he is done.
2004 Amber Champagne filly

SS Star's Dun Dazzlin
Out of our quietest mare and Prides Dun Deal. This filly is destined to be another awesome pet. Her mom, Happy Hearts Morning Star, is the absolute sweetest mare you can find.
Sold to Daphne!!
2004 Pinto Filly
SC Percheron/Quarter Horse

SS Flashy Fenacia.
She is awesome! Tri-coloured pinto, leggy, one of the flashiest babes I have ever seen. Out of our lesson mare Duchess.
Sold to Jessica!
2004 Black Gelding
SC Percheron/Curly

SS Pal's Beau Jangles.
Black Beauty's first baby!! by Palladin . This is going to be one big boned boy. He's way taller than all of the other foals already! And what a neat colour!
Sold to Terry
2004 Buckskin Filly

SS Oakley's Ahani Spright
I am so proud of this little girl and her mom. She is my third generation of babes that I have raised. Who would have thought we would have been blessed with a cute little buckskin filly. She is out of my showcase Curly mare, SS Annies Oakley and Charming Prince. The Cherokee name "Ahani" means sacred fire/centre, and Sprite is the soul or elusive.
Sold to Tanja in Germany!
2004 Sorrel Filly
*Curly & Gaited

SS Walcurly Nakita.
Our first baby from Charming Prince! Just a gaitin little babe! And super Curly!! Out of Gold Rush, our awesome palomino gaited mare. This filly has our strongest Curly/Gait lines and is so very well proportioned. Balanced, square and destined for a fantastic future!
Sold! to Gabriele in Germany!
2004 Brown Filly
*Curly & Gaited

SS Walcurly Safire.
And yet another picture perfect babe from Prince!! Out of Misty (J4's Chestnut Swirl), our registered MFTHBA, dapple grey gaited mare. This little foal has lots of highlights in her coat. Very attractive, gaited and beautiful conformation. Gorgeous natural head carriage, looks so graceful.
Sold to Claudia in Saskatchewan!
2004 Palomino Colt
*Curly & Gaited

SS Walcurly Johnny Walker Gold.
Another gaited Curly sensation. Out of Big Cone Whoopi. This guy has kept his full, double mane! Has a full and fluffy tail, tons of curl. Lots of natural gait. Will improve any breeding program.
Sold to Claudia in Saskatchewan!
2004 Sorrel Filly

SS Sugar's Cotton Candy.
Here is Sugar's baby!
Sold to Terry & Paula!
2004 Gerulla Colt

SS Sunnybrook's Luc Skywalker.
Wow! Here's a winner. He is going to turn the head of alot of girls!!
Sold to Eirik in Norway!
2004 Bay Filly

SS Pal's Audacious Amoire.
Another Curly baby from SS Amarillo Sunset by Palladin . Amarillo is out of the famous jumper lines of Doric Order and her mother was used in our lessons for years doing cross country and dressage shows.
Sold to Eirik in Norway!
2004 sorrel Colt

SS Pal's Shinko Shyster.
Here's a cute little curly boy out of SS Sunnybrook's Susie Que by Palladin . Sold to Red Deer!
2004 Pinto Colt
*Curly & possibly gaited

SS Walcurly Jazzy Jiggers.
Colour, conformation, character and Curls!! All in one, awesome future stallion prospect, or pleasure riding horse. His mom is super gentle, was a gem to train. Out of Gypsy Rose by Dusty.
Sold to Michigan
2002 Sorrel MFTHBA Gelding
MFTHBA 02-73738

"Toy's Little Mark" Real old style Missouri Fox Trotter boy. Gentle as a lamb and quiet as a mouse. Going very well in his training and ready to take you on a smooth ride through the hills! Out of Mark's Curly Baby R by Foxvangen's Toy Boy. Sold to Bethaney

More pictures here.
2000 Pinto Curly Gelding

"Dandee " Dandee's been everywhere and done everything. Showing unlimited potential in the jumper ring. He will check once in awhile to make sure you really want him to do something, then he performs precisely. Not for a begineer rider, but for anyone that wants to ride to the ribbons! Never mean, just likes to go stand by the gate! He's very beautiful and flashy. Sold to Amanda!!

More pictures here.
2000 Bay/Appy Curly Gelding
*ICHO 524 D

"Wild Bill Hickock" (Bill) Here's another exceptional curly boy. Can't beleive how he has matured as a 5 year old! He is looking absouletly awesome. Been riding him out in the fields, took him to a clinic, did a cattle drive, takes it all in stride. VERY well balanced, excellent quarters, proportioned back and a pretty head. He was a dream to train, very steady and trusting. Very smooth to ride and picks up his canter leads. Sold to Diana in Germany!!
2002 Black Bay Gelding
ICHO 290 D (ABC eligible)

"SS Sunnybrook's Colt 45" Has two hind socks. Colt has a very proud carriage. Tends more towards a sport horse type. Really stands out as he looks black. Will be versatile for any discipline. He is started under saddle as of June, 2004. Out of Cypress April by Andee . Sold to Tom in Idaho!
2002 Palomino Gelding
ICHO 506 D

"Fool's Gold". Looking for brains, charm, colour and style?? Want a friend?? Here he is, all in one horse!! He was born on April 1st, hence his name. And what a golden boy he is. We have started his ground work and he is trusting and responsive. He is out of Mead's Golden Rocket lines, so you know he is a winner! He is out of Wooly Cameo by Mead's Golden Lad.
SOLD to Lauri in Calgary!
2001 Red Dun Gelding
Straight Full Curly

"SS Sunnybrook's Western Pride" Awesome colour and conformation. Full mane and tail. Well started under saddle, level headed and excellent conformation. Very flashy. Out of Escape by Andee . SOLD to Midori in Stony Plain!
2001 Bay Curly Gelding

"SS Nevada Drifter" Here's a fun little guy. 13.3hh at two, so he should finish just over 14hh. He is started under saddle and proving to be another breeze to break. He's cute, willing and well proprotioned. Out of Cypress Brandy By Elko Nevada .
Sold to Manitoba
2001 Black Gaited Curly Gelding
FC Justa Travelin Man - "Traveller" is one of our first gaited Curlies offered for sale. We brought him up from Missouri and are not dissapointed. He is a very quiet, sensible boy and has taken his training in style. He stands quietly, turns with pressure and stops on a dime. He's going to make an awesome trail companion or family mount. He's about 14.2 and very stricking with his colour and markings. View his pedigree here .
Sold to Brosseau
2000 Sorrel Curly Gelding
*ABC 2805

"Chinook Hi" (Red) This boy has nice quarters and is very attentative. He is 15hh. Star, strip and two hind stockings. Strong Curly traits, very solid boy. He collects very well and has a huge trot. He has a soft eye and is good to work with on the ground. Out of Sasha by Mead's Hi Yeller Sold to Lori in NS!
2002 Sorrel Filly

"SS Pal's Rusty Nugget". Look at the bone on this filly. Her dam, Sassy, is our stockiest mare, crossed with Pal this filly will be an excellent all around horse. Lots of chrome and flaxen in her tail. Out of Cypress Mel's Sassy by Palladin . Nugget's Pedigree .
Sold to Nova Scotia
1997 Bay Curly Mare

"Moonlight" Strong Curly traits. Stocky, well muscled hind quarters. 15hh. Out of In Nancy by BAHA-Wanblee SHA. Bred to Palladin for 2005.
Sold to Eirik in Norway!
1996 Palomino Curly Mare

"Sugar" Very solid, pretty mare. Well mannered, and willing to learn. She is well put together and an excellent mother. Sold to Nova Scotia
1997 Buckskin Curly Mare

"Cypress Lady" Lady was a brood mare for her first few years and this summer after only 3 days of training we were in the saddle. Very impressed with her trust and willingness to learn. She is very pretty and has a full mane and tail. Out of a quarter horse mare by Cypress Nicker. Sold to Nova Scotia
1991 Grey Percheron Quarter Horse Cross Mare
Annie has proven to be an excellent brood mare. She produces the finest curly foals consistently. She has been ridden in the mountains and on trails and has a trusting, friendly personality that she passes to her foals. Her excellent bone and conformation are an awesome enhancement to our breeding program. Dam to SS Annie's Oakley, SS Annies' Buffalo Girl (Buffy), SS Annie's Western Girl (Wessy), SS Annie's Western Pride (Pride) and SS Annies Flashy Kochese. Annie has been sold to Diana Grozelle from Burleigh Falls, Ontario, but may continue to be a part of our breeding program!
2001 Sorrel Gaited Curly Filly


"Walcurly Gypsy" is a well put together gaited girl. She is sorrel with a bit of flaxen in her mane and good length to her tail, which she keeps all year. If you are looking for a sensible mount, she is the one. Her mother is my favorite mount in the mountains. Gypsy is following in her footsteps. Level headed, easy going, steady, super mom (check the babes page and see her gorgeous pinto baby from 2004). She can do it all for you. She is out of LS Daisy by Walkers Curly T.
Here is a Gypsy Video
SOLD! to Susanne in Germany
1993 Sorrel Gaited Curly Mare

*ABC 1749

"Daisy" is the best trail horse I have ever ridden. She is bold, energetic and smooth. She is one of the only horses I have ridden that will head down the trail towards an oncoming motorized vehicle and challenge it for the trail. She is not scared of anything. And man can she trot out. She is the first gaited horse I have ridden and she can out trot any other horse we have, and not jar the bones out of your body. Had her in the mountains a few times and she will cross and climb anything. She has had all curly fillies and is suspected homozygous for curls. Daisy is sired by *Dan's Dandy G ABC 530(f), by *Gem Dan D ABC 206(f) (a *Peacock D son) out of Sara Lee MFTHBA 15076. Daisy's dam is *Goldie's Ginger T ABC 132(f), by *Walker's Prince T out of Goldie (Tune's).
SOLD! to Susanne in Germany
2001 Blood Bay Curly Gelding
*ABCSE 538

"SS Tulsa Jackpot" (Tulsa) Blood Bay, perfect stockings, real eye catcher. I like this colt. He is very well balanced, great quarters and solid. Western type, will make a great pleasure or working cattle horse. He is even one of our prospects for dressage or jumping. He is jumping the cross rails from a complete standstill, tucking and rounding up very well. Very smooth trot and he steps out very well. He is well started under saddle and has proven to be one of the easier colts to break. No buck, no resistance. Very steady boy. Out of Sassy by Elko Nevada . Tulsa's Pedigree. Sold to Marie Claude in Quebec!
2001 Sorrel Curly Gelding
*ICHO 234 D

"SS Nevada Commanche" Very correct conformation and excellent disposition. Full mane and tail, lots of muscle on this colt. Flaxen at bottom of his mane by his withers. His ground work was started in June/2003. Out of Buck Mtn's Darky (HB) By Elko Nevada .. Sold to Bernard in Quebec!
May 20, 2003 Sorrel Stallion
SS Pal's San Antonio Stroll.
"Tony". Rillo gave us a gorgeous colt. He has one white marking, a small star. His dam was out of the famous jumping horse, Doric Order. He should be one of our tallest and most athletic babes of 2003. We are very happy with his height already.
Out of SS Amarillo Sunset by Palladin . Sold to Sophie in France
2000 Bay Curly Mare

"Warriors Sukie" Looking for a quiet, sensible addition to your herd? Sukie is the one you need. She came to us in October from Montana and has never looked back. Started her training in October and she has progressed in leaps and bounds. First ride she never flinched a muscle. Second ride she was trotting around like an old pro. She never gets excited, stands patiently for anything. Out of *Sages Classy Gal ABC 1536 (F) by *Warrior Black Velvet. See more pictures and Sukie's story on Sukie's Page .
sold to Allen!
2001 Bay Curly Filly

"SS Sunnybrook's Pharrah Wind Walker" (Pharrah) Here is the quietest 3 year old you can find. She has no spook in her, very, very level headed and SMOOTH! She is going perfectly under saddle and will make a supreme family horse. She is 14.3hh at 3, so will finish at least 15hh. She is friendly, perfect ground manners and very good looking. Left hind sock and a snip. Out of Elko's Ecoe by Andee .Sold to Red Deer!
1993 Sorrel Curly Gelding
*ABC registered

Sprit - "Spirit" is one fun little horse! I love him. Always game to go and the kids pick him first every time. He can do it all, barrels, poles, trail, even pull a wagon. See our page on him at Spirit's Page! . Sold to Calmar
1998 Palamino Pinto Curly Gelding
*ABC P 2496
"Chinook Twist" is very eye catching. Dark palomino colouring on his head and a full tail. Stripped feet for that renown Curly hardness. He is one of the most square, solid Curlies I have seen. Huge bone and large quarters. We have driven him pulling a sleigh and cart. At 15.1 hh he will carry anyone anywhere.
Sold to Kathleen and Dean in Alaska
1998 Palamino Curly Gelding
*ABC 2719
"Northern's Liberty Drum" (Snowden) Very well balanced gelding. A real eye catcher, light golden palomino colour with beautiful micro curl in the winter. He is our picture perfect curly. 15hh. He has a gorgeous full curly mane and tail. He has many miles, but is only for a rider that can ride with confidence and lightness. Out of Col's Liberty Gal by Kutenai Drummer. Sold to Kathleen and Dean in Alaska
1998 Brown Pinto Curly Gelding
*ABC 2554
"Painted Toiya" will make a great games pony or family horse. Excellent markings and a full curly mane with a full tail. Very curious. He has been ridden for two years now and is a great trail horse. He does not mind taking the lead or following. We've had him accross the rail road tracks, water and along the road. Traffic does not bother him. Nor do dogs. We've had him out on his own and he is very willing to go. Sold to Kathleen and Dean in Alaska
2002 Sorrel Filly

"SS Sunnybrook's Windy Sue" Two rear stockings, a big star, stipe and snip. She has a dash of white at the top of her tail. She is well put together. Excellent quarters, nice neck set and a full mane and tail. Moderate curl. Out of Buck Mtn's Darky by Elko Nevada . Sue's Page .Sold to Anja in Germany!
2001 Sorrel Straight Curly Gelding

"SS Sunnybrook's Sergant Major" (Sarge) Here's a solid boy. Going to be tall and well balanced. Sarge is going awesome under saddle. Very willing, easy going, a real pleaser. He steps out nicely, balanced and responsive. Out of Elko's Love by Andee . SOLD to Jessica!
2002 Palomino Gelding

"SS Pal's Foxy Lightening Strike" What a looker this colt is! Excellent colour with our cross to Palladin. Light sorrel with flaxen in his tail. Has a full star and a lightening strike stripe. Four black hooves and perfect straight legs. Typical curly friendly and a tight micro curl when he was born. Full mane and tail. Out of Niva by Palladin . SOLD to Airdrie!
1992 Black Thoroughbred Mare
Registered Thoroughbred & Jockey club

"Esta" Native Thrill, Gorgeous stocky mare. Excellent mom, broke English, jumps, trails. Likes to work. 15.3hh. Has produced 3 warmblood foals the last few years which we are going to cross with the Curlies to gain the height, athletic ability and tail. Dam to SS Native Chelsea, SS Native Chautise and SS Native Kasha. Grandmother to SS Native Rhumba. Sold to Kim Hughes
1997 Black Thoroughbred Mare
Registered Thoroughbred

"Cierra Cordial" Very refined looking mare, exceptional mom, very loving. Elegant mover. 16hh. Produced two warmblood foals. Dam to SS Cierra Martika.
Sold to Kim Hughes
1996 Pinto Curly Mare

"Mirosah Miatah" Here she is! The perfect family Curly. Anybody can ride her. She is very friendly and very willing. She has excellent conformation, the best markings and super temperament. What more could you ask for?! Check out her page at Mirosa's Page! .
SOLD to Susan in Ontario
2000 Dark Sorrel Curly Gelding
*ABC 2763
"Austin" is an excellent Curly gelding. Great mane and tail, perfectly balanced and curly. Just started his ground work and he is proving very willing. At 14.2 at two years old, he should finish over 15hh. He is an awesome looking boy! Sold to Karen in Germany
1998 Palomino Curly Gelding
*ABC registered

Golden Ruby Spar - "Spar" is gorgeous! Very golden palomino in the summer with a FULL mane and tail. He is out of Mead's Golden Rocket, same as Palladin, and is so much like him it is scary. We started him under saddle in November and he is a real power house. Very light in the bridle and so much action. He is solid, square and very correct in his conformation. Your going to look far and wide to find a better Curly gelding. SOLD to Clyde in TEXAS!
1999 Sorrel Curly Filly

"Elko's Babe" Strong Curly traits. Babe is an excellent mare. Very quiet on the ground and to ride. She has 120 days professional training now. We would recommend her for any person that knows how to ride. She has awesome conformation for any breed, especially though in comparison to most Curlies. Great quarters, well balanced neck, nice slope to her shoulder and a more refined head. Out of Buck Mtn's Astel by Elko Nevada. SOLD to Nancy and Jens in Germany
2001 Palomino Curly Filly
*ICHO 182-D

"SS Sunnybrook's Ivory Felicity" (Felicity) Talk about typical curly traits. She's got the curl, the bone and definetly got the temperament. May have to keep her for breeding potential. Out of Cypress Crickett by Elko Nevada . SOLD to Reidun in Norway
2002 Black Filly

"SS Sunnybrook's Misty Whitney" Oh my! You gotta see this filly. Real sport horse prospect. Gonna be tall and elegant. Spunky and athletic. All Black. Out of Elko's Love by Andee .SOLD in Frankfurt, Germany
2001 Sorrel Curly Filly

"SS Miss Klondike Kitty" Very correct conformation and excellent disposition. Full mane and tail, lots of muscle on this filly. Out of Niva by Wyo Cody. Sold to Dagmar in GERMANY!
2001 Blue Roan Curly Filly

"SS Annie's Western Girl" (Wessy) Solid, feisty, friendly filly. Out of Percheron/quarter horse mare and Wyo Cody. Four black feet and a star. Will mature close to 15.2hh. SOLD to Minnesota
2001 Buckskin Gedling

"SS Sunnybrook's Frontier Crockett" (Crockett) Gorgeous colt. Solid, beautifull boy. His ground work was started in June/2003. Out of Cypress Patsy by Andee . Crockett's Pedigree. SOLD TO ATHABASCA
2000 Bay Curly Gelding
*ABC 2762
"Baley" is a very solid boy. Nice and square and steps out very well. He sheds his mane and has an average tail. Out of Elko Nevada. His ground work has just started and he is progressing well. He has your typical Curly curious temperament. Easy to catch and work with. Currently stands 14.2 and is not finished growing. Sold to Brittany
1996 Blue Roan Curly Gelding
"SS Mac Dilon" (Mac) Mac is a very quiet, easy going boy. He is friendly, and takes anything that is new in stride. He has excellent markings with his blaze and stockings. Sold to Brittany
2000 Sorrel Curly Gelding

"SS Butch Cassidy" One white stocking and a nice stripe. Very quiet to work with. Should finish at 14.3hh. Would make a nice team with his brother Sundance. He is well started under saddle and will make a great youth's horse. Sold to to Megan
1997 Paint Curly Gelding
"Wrangler" is a paint horse that has appallosa markings. He is brown with a white blanket and two blue eyes. Standing 14.3hh he is well put together. A real looker. His ground work is well established and is started under saddle. He is very laid back, exceptionally easy to work with and very willing. Is a super youth prospect. Sold to Tracy & Jordy Dick
1998 Appalosa Curly Mare

"Scampers Fancy Babe" WOW! What a looker. She has it all going for her. Looks, height and conformation. She is currently 14.3 hands with excellent bone and 4 black feet. She has a full mane and tail and her color gives her tremendous eye appeal. She has excellent movement, is very athletic and that puppy dog disposition. She is currently in training and proving to be willing, accepting and intelligent.
SOLD to Jeanne in Colorado
2000 Flaxen Sorrel Curly Filly
"DKH Glory" Out of Buck Mtn's Darky by Elko Nevada. This is our tallest filly from our 2000 foals. She has a refined face and a very even temperament. Extremely well put together filly with a flaxen mane and tail.