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2006 Adult Riding Camp Back in the Saddle camp. Pictures here.
2006 Summer Riding Camp August riding camp. Pictures here.
2006 Birthday Party Amanda brings her friends for fun on horseback for her Birthday. Pictures here.
2006 Allergy Test & Trail ride Family arrives to do an allergy test and everyone takes a trail ride. Pictures here.
Rainbow Trails Healing Horses clinic an overwhelming success. Pictures here.
2006 Calgary Stampede Palladin and Andee in the Greates Outdoor Show on Earth. Pictures here.
2006 Summer Riding Camp A full camp in July. Pictures here.
2006 Bergen Canadian Curly Classic Horse Show 8 Sunnybrook Stables Curly horses and riders head to Bergen, Alberta. Pictures here.
2006 Three Phase Event Warrior represents the Curly horses in his first ever Cross Country course at Rocky Mountain House. Pictures here.
2006 Equine Showcase Fultonvale Equine Showcase is happy to have the Curly horses represented for the first time. Pictures here.
2006 Open House Another fantstic Open House at Sunnybrook Stables. Pictures here.
2006 Imports from Irreland Our purebred Irish Draft Stallion Champion and Gypsy Vanner Irish Tinker mare arrive. Pictures here.
2006 Horses delivered to Denmark SS Walcurly Prince Trevino and SS Walcurly Marengo, SS Trojan Nicker head to Anna in Denmark. Pictures here.
2005 Pictures Load of pics of what we were up to! Pictures here.
2005 rocky Mtn. Adventure The Mountains in July! Pictures here.
2005 Arizona Exploration We visit Tombstone Arizona! Pictures here.
2005 Day Care Visitors We have 30 visitors from the Peter Pan Daycare in Leduc! Pictures here.
2005 Kilerny Jumper Show We attend our very first hunter/jumper show with SS Annie's Oakley, SS Nevada Warrior and Dandee! The horses and riders perform perfectly! Pictures here!
2005 Tour Bus Visitors 2005 was another first for the stables. A couple of tour companies contacted us and we had 7 bus loads arrive of over 50 people to learn about the Curly horses and our Natural Horsemanship training techniques. We served everyone coffee and home made muffins and there were tons of questions answered! There's some pics here!
2005 Rocky Mountain Rides May & July 2005 we were once again blessed to be able to ride our curly horses in the Rocky Mountains on some of the best trails ever. There's lots of awesome pictures here from May and here from July where we cross lots of rivers, climb mountains, see waterfalls, deer, elk, Rocky Mountain sheep and just have a great time!
2005 Calgary Stampede
& Showcase of the Breeds
July 2005 was a real first for us. Anna (our student from Denmark) rode SS Marshal Dilon in the showcase of the breeds at Calgary Stampede!! Pictures here of Stampede . It is our best exposure for our Curly horses and we always meet lots of fantastic people.
2005 Summer Riding Camps July & August 2005 saw more happy campers at our riding camps. Every year we have participants that love the horses and learn so much. Some pictures here.
2005 Curlys delivered to Germany April & July 2005 saw us flying more of our lovely Curly horse to Europe. I flew with Daisy, Gypsy and Kasha flew in May and Ahani and Nakita in July. See our spring trip here and our summer trip here.
2005 Danish student arrives June 2005 Anna arrived from Denmark to work at the stables. We are thrilled and honored to have met her and work with her for her time here. She attended Stampede (and numerous other events with us) and rode Marshal Dilon flawlessly for his performance in the Showcase of the Breeds.
2005 Our Curlys on Cable TV! May 2005 SS Marshal Dilon became a television star!! We took him for a photo shoot to promote the Curlys and our stables. It was aired a number of times and looked real good! Dilon had to stand close to some Buffalo and he was absolutely 100% perfect!!
2005 Open House May 2005 was another fun filled day. See Open House for report and pics.
CFRN Television Interview January 2005 the television crews from CFRN came to our stables and did a fantastic interview with us on the Curlies. They took some video of the horses in quarantine for Norway and of course Palladin. It was a super video and gave our curlies excellent coverage.
CBC Radio Live Interview December 2004 CBC Radio, Wild Rose Country with host Donna McElligott did a live interview with me on the curlies! It was exciting to be on National radio. Donna was amazed (as is everyone the first time they hear about Curlies) that there was a hypo-allergenic horse in this world! Told her all about the origins of the breed, my start with Curlies, where we have shipped them to this year - Germany, Austria, France, Alaska, Quebec and the 4 in quarantine for Norway. They did a super job and we had lots of phone calls afterwards.
2004 Calgary Stampede July 2004 saw us at Calgary Stampede with SS Walcurly Winchester (nobody could believe he was triple registered MFTHBA and Curly), and Sunnybrook's Warrior Sukie with her foal SS Sunnybrook's Luc Skywalker! See Stampede for report and pics.
Rocky Mountain High June 2004 was a fantastic month. Luc arrived from Quebec for the trip of his life in the Rocky Mountains. I took two of my finest Curlies, Daisy and Charmer. See Top of the World for a real story.
2004 Curlies delivered to France!! June of 2004 I delivered SS Pal's San Antonio Stroll and Sassy to Sophie in France!! It was a fantastic journey and Sassy had a beautiful Curly filly for Sophie in France. This was our first sale into France and I had a super visit at their 200 year old farm house!! See Curlys in France for all the pictures.
2004 Rare Breeds Canada June 12, 2004 we were honored to represent the Curly horses at the Rare Breeds Show in Red Deer. We took SS Walcurly Winchester and Gypsy Rose with her filly SS Jazzy Jiggers. See pictures at 2004 Pics .
2004 Curlies in Alaska! June saw Chinook, Painted Toiya and Snowden off to Alaska! Hope to go and visit them one day!! See Curlies in Alaska.
Danish Visitors! May 27, 2004 we were thrilled to receive 50 Danish visitors and showcase our Curly horses to them. They, of course, had never heard of a hypo-allergenic horse!! Was a great day!! See pictures at 2004 Pics .
Norwegian Visitors! May 2004 I was excited to hear that Reidun and Ida will be arriving from Norway!
2004 Open House! May 1st, 2004. Wow, this time the weather really did co-operate. Our best Open House to date. Lots of people, excellent clinics and we had a dozen Curlies performing! See Open House 2004 for our full story.
Spar goes to Texas, Charmer comes to Alberta! March 2004 We headed way down South. All the way to Texas!! Clyde purchased Spar and was very thrilled upon his delivery. On his way "home" we picked up Prince Charming II and Star (MFTHBA) and then took them along for the delivery of Tulsa Jackpot and Commanche to Quebec!! See Texas Trip for our full story.
I flew in and met everyone in Quebec for an awesome visit. The horses then continued on their long journey home. See Quebec Hospitality for my visit in Quebec.
Prospector, Austin and Babe go to Germany February 25, 2004 was a very sad day for me. I had to say goodbye to Prospector, a Curly gelding that I had ridden at many demonstrations around the province. He is truly an ambassador for the breed and has now changed the lives of Karen and Marian in Germany. Austin also made the trip and the two of them are now doing tricks with clickers, Austin is fetching ball!! And Prospector is taking Marian out to see the world.
Babe also made the trip to go to Nancy!! Nancy is riding her almost every day! See Austin playing ball here. See horses in Germany for our full story.
I Meet Ole Skjonsberg Finally took some time and made the trip to meet Ole, It was Ole's father, Hans Skjonsberg, that captured the first Curly around 1890!! I asked him why he bred the Curly horses, and he looked at my like I was missing the boat. He told many stories of Curlies that he had owned that were superior to any other horse around.
Homozygous Gaited Stallion arrives July 2003 was full of special events. We entered Prospector, Annie's Oakley and Annie's Buffalo Girl into the Breton parade for Canada Day. We had a group of 13 riders from Ft. McMurray, the Canadian National Institute for the blind brought some members for a ride. We took Prospector and SS Annie's Oakley to Klondike Days, Took SS Annie's Buffalo Girl and Austin to the Calgary Stampede, Don (Charming Prince's original owner) came all the way up for a visit and we had two fantastic summer riding camps. See July 2003 for pictures.
2003 Horse Show Another absolutely fantastic weekend!! Great company, great horses and lots of fun, fun, fun. Curlies in the show- Dreamweaver, Butch Cassidy, Spirit, Oakley, Roper, Prospector, Wyatt Earp and Babe were up for the show.
Visitors from Ontario September 2003 my daughter got married and my family came for a visit. See some pictures of my Uncle "Cowboy bill!" .
First Visitors from Germany August 2003 saw the arrival of Nancy from Germany!! She emailed wanting to see the Curly horses and made her way to us. Her friend, Jens arrived a couple of weeks later. See some pictures of the International Trail Ride here.
DV Horse Show June 2003 we entered SS Annie's Oakley, Roper and Prospector in the Drayton Valley Horse show!!
5 Foals to Europe 5 of our fine Curly foals headed to Europe on April 25th. I traveled with them on the 747 into Luxembourg. 3 foals headed to Austria and one to Northern Germany and the last to Dagmar's in central Germany. See Europe for more info
SALE TO GERMANY WOW! We are now truly International. Dagmar Stenger has purchased SS Miss Klondike Kitty, a 2001 filly out of Niva. She will be going into quarantine in February, 2003 for a month and then will travel to Calgary to board a plane for her long journey. Congratulations Dagmar on your purchase. See Germany for more info
Canada's only Homozygous Gaited Curly Stallion arrives! March of 2003 saw the arrival of Canada's first and only Homozygous gaited stallion. Charming Prince is a 20 year old foundation stallion with the most awesome temperament and has passed all of his high standards to more than 50 foals. He has thrown curl to every breed. We have also purchased 5 gaited Curly mares to set the foundation for our gaited breeding program. See Gaited Horses for our full story.
Focus on 4-H
Edmonton, AB
June 29th, 2003
The light horse committee of the Northern Alberta 4-H requested our appearance for their Multi-Species competition in the Northlands Agricom. We took take SS Annie's Oakley, Daisy, Gold Rush and SS Annie's Buffalo Girl. We were honored that they took the time to locate us and invite us to this event. There were over 400 children in attendance. See pictures here.
ST PAUL We were very pleased when the Ag Society in St. Paul requested that we showcase our horses there for their farm fair. They had requests for two years to have Curlies and could not find anyone to ride them for their demos. They surfed the web and guess who they found! We will be there again!
ITALY Notice anything new on the web site?? Yes, I went to Italy on November 5th, 2002, to attend the second largest horse exposition in the WORLD! It is the FEI fierracavalli in Verona. The Italian Chamber of Commerce contacted us and asked if we would be interested in promoting our Stables there. Who could say no. Check out our pictues from Italy
FARM CLASSIC AWARDS We were nominated for "Alternative Small Scale Farm of the Year" for all of Western Canada, and we WON! This is through the Farm Gateway Publication and is supported by them and CFCW radio and the United Farmers of Alberta and numerous other sponsors. We attended the banquet and presentations on November 17th, and could not believe our ears when we heard we won. Check out our story at Farm Classic Awards
ALBERTA HORSE IMPROVEMENT Sept. 2003. Another first for Sunnybrook Stables! We were so confident in our breeding program that we enrolled our two finest fillies, Buffy and Oakley, in the Alberta Horse Improvement Program.
We are proud to announce that we have been recognized as approved CLASSIC Alberta Horse Breeders. SS Annie's Oakley scored an awesome 80.3! A panel of 3 judged the horses on confirmation, movement, depth of bone, presence, balance and body condition. Oakley's highest score was received from veterinarian Dr. Davis.
We were awarded a plaque in recognition of this great accomplishment and were thrilled with the official recognition.
CALGARY STAMPEDE July 2003. This is one of the events that we enjoy the most. Thanks to Dawn Johnson for allowing us to be part of one of the worlds largest Western Expositions. Our Curlies are on display to the world here and every year we receive lots of questions and compliments on these unique horses. We have showcased SS Annie's Oakley every year and hope to ride in the "big tent" this year.
SPRUCE MEADOWS This was another great year for us at Spruce Meadows.
Please check out our full report on spruce Meadows here!
Our first year Dawson Dreamer was a dream in the showcase of the breeds representing our Curly horses. we rode him Friday through Sunday and had a great performance for our first time at the Masters. SS Annie's Buffalo Girl (Buffy) and SS Annie's Oakley were showcased in the booth. Prospector and Dandee have both been in the showcase of the breeds and Butch Cassidy on display in the booth.
HORSE SHOW Our First Annual Challenge of the Breeds Horse Show was an excellent success. A great time was had by all that attended. Lots of information and schooling on what to expect at a show and how to obtain the winning edge. See Horse Show for more info, or for this years entry form go to this years Horse Show .
TRAIL RIDES Join us for a trail ride along the Pembina River! We meet at 9 AM, leave Sunnybrook at 10, arrive at the trail head at 11. Ride out through the bush along the river, over creeks and bridges for an hour. Stop for lunch along the trail and ride back to camp. Arrive back in Sunnybrook around 4 PM.
Trail Pictures
Trail rides and camp fire
We have made this a dream come true for children with allergies to horses, but it is open to anyone that wants to celebrate any special occasion with horses. Arrive an hour before your ride time so we can match horses and riders, go for an hour trail ride. On return roast your lunch over the open fire.
Party Pictures
OPEN HOUSE May 3, 2003. THANKYOU to all that made it to our first OPEN HOUSE! What a cold day it was, -29 in the morning and didn't warm up alot throughout the day. We had lots of people come that had allergies and are thrilled to report that no one had a reaction! Thanks to the local Girl Guides for their assistance with the hot chocolate and doughnuts.
Our Open House for 2003 saw 100 people in attendance. WOW! Thanks for all of the support and encouragement!
OUT OF COUNTY SALES It was a sad goodbye to SS Sundown Buck, our foundation stallion, as he headed south to Pateros, Washington, along with Spud in 2001. The Orfords have advised that they are thrilled with their purchase and we are pleased to see our horses go to a great new home. They are certainly going to enjoy the warmer weather!!
We have sold horses into Pennsylvania, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, North Dakota, Minnesota, California, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Maine and Maryland.
OUT OF PROVINCE SALES Three of our mares headed off to Ontario for their new home. The trip took three days and we were advised that they all walked off of the trailer as if they had been only hauled across the province instead of the country. We have sold horses from one end of the country to the other: New Brunswick to British Columbia and are currently looking at a new home in Alaska for one of our fillies.
CROSS COUNTRY Dawson Dreamer and Prospector have both competed in three day event clinics this year and their performance was fantastic as is usual for our beloved Curlies. They are so willing to go forward and try new ventures that they are a pleasure to ride.